Snow White and Seven Dwarfs

B. Pavlovsky
Duration 0 годин, 0 хвилин

Snow White and Seven Dwarfs

Duration 0 годин, 0 хвилин

Libretto and choreography Ihor Khramov based on fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm

Plunge into the enchanting world of Snow White and her loyal companions – the dwarfs, as brought to life through the brilliant ballet of Bohdan Pavlovskyi. The libretto and choreography by Ihor Khramov based on the Grimm brothers’ fairy tale is truly captivating.

“Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”, presented at Lviv National Opera, is a heartwarming story of love, friendship, magic, and the triumph of good over evil. This is an exceptional opportunity to spend time with your loved ones and introduce your kids to the art of classical ballet.

The production is simply breathtaking, with an captivating plot, beloved characters, original music, original choreography, and vibrant costumes and set designs that will surely lift the spirits of both adults and children.

Get ready to be enchanted by the fascinating fairy tale experience at Lviv National Opera!



Сhief conductor

Set designer

Costume designer

Stage video animation

Officials and performers

Snow White

Daria Berkova

Anastasia Gnatyshyn

Victoria Zvarych

Darja Emeljyanceva

Olesya Marchuk


Serhiy Aleksandrov

Arsen Marusenko

Artur Kokoev


Yuriy Martyn

Volodymyr Sudomliak


Volodymyr Sudomliak

Kostyantyn Srochko

Myroslav Melnyk


Kostiantyn Hulay

Oleg Laska

Volodymyr Sudomliak


Andriy Havrin

Viktor Gatselyuk

Myroslav Melnyk


Oleg Laska

Volodymyr Sudomliak


Yuriy Martyn

Volodymyr Sudomliak

Myroslav Melnyk


Ruslan Dynia

Volodymyr Sudomliak

Myroslav Melnyk


Maryna Hulega

Private: Yuliya Mykhalikha

Nataliya Pelo

Inna Kluchnyk

Evil Queen

Milena Rusanova

Uljana Korchevska

Romana Dumanska

Quenn's Court (Cats)

Daria Berkova

Anastasia Gnatyshyn

Roksolyana Iskra

Maria Potapova

Olga Fabianska

Olga Savina


Андрій Михаліха

Andriy Havrin

Arsen Marusenko

Prince's Court

Maksym Kadykalo

Dmytro Kolomiets

Arsen Marusenko

Artur Kokoev

Serhiy Aleksandrov

Violin solo in the orchestra

Юрій Войтинський

Cello solo in the orchestra

Андрій Теленко

Event Libretto


Once upon a time there lived a King and a Queen.  And they had a little daughter with skin as white as snow, ebony black hair and lips red as blood.  So they called her Snow White. The Queen died and the King married the most beautiful but very jealous woman. Prologue In the darkest room of the castle where cats, the faithful servants of the Evil Queen lived, there was a magic mirror.  The Evil Queen used to stand before the mirror and say: “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, Who is the fairest of us all?” And the mirror always replied: “Queen, Queen, on thy throne, The greatest beauty is thine own.” The years passed.  Snow White became fairer and fairer.  Her stepmother was terribly jealous of her.

Act 1

Scene1 The celebration of the Princess birthday is taking place in the castle.  The Charming Prince is invited to the ball too.  He falls in love with Snow White, who also likes the young Prince and presents him a rose to commemorate their meeting.  However the Evil Queen disapproves this. Scene 2 One day the Evil Queen said to the mirror: “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, Who is the fairest of us all?” And the mirror replied: “Queen, Queen, on thy throne, Snow White’s fairest thou must own.” The Evil Queen ordered the Huntsman to take the Snow White into the forest and kill her there.  The Huntsman was very upset because he liked the kind and friendly Princess. Scene 3 In the forest near the hill there lived seven dwarfs: Doc, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Bashful, Sneezy and Dopey.  They mined ore and precious stones, made jewelry and presented it to kind people.  After the hardworking day they had a rest in their house. When the Huntsman had taken Snow White into the forest and thought to kill her, his heart failed him and he let her go, telling her she must not for her sake, return to the King’s castle. The wind was howling, the rain was showering, the lightning was flashing and the thunder was rumbling.  Snow White was alone and so terrified in the dark forest that she began to run.  She ran as long as her feet would go until exhausted she fell to the ground. The animals, which Snow White used to feed, found her in the forest and guided to the small house of dwarfs.

Дія 2

1 картина

Стомлена Білосніжка спить на маленькому ліжечку. ГосподаріScene 1 Snow White was so tired that she laid down on one of the little beds and fell asleep.  In the evening the owners of the hut returned.  They were very surprised with a strange guest.  So they waited till she woke up and asked her who she was.  Snow White told them her story and the dwarfs offered her to stay with them. Scene 2 The Evil Queen looked in the magic mirror again and said: “Mirror, mirror, on the wall, Who is the fairest of us all?” And the mirror replied: “Oh, Queen, thou art fairest of all I see, But over the hills, where the seven dwarfs dwell. Snow White is still alive and well, And none is so fair as she.” When the Evil Queen heard the mirror telling that she began to tremble and shake with rage.  In the old books she found an ancient incantation and made a very poisonous apple.  She disguised as an old beggar so nobody could recognize her.   Scene 3 In the morning the dwarfs went to the mine and asked Snow White not to let anybody to the house. The Evil Queen, dressed as a bagger, knocked at the door and asked for a glass of water.  Kindhearted Snow White gave the granny a glass of water and received an apple which grunted wishes.  Snow White’s greatest wish was to meet the Charming Prince once again.  Snow White impatiently bit a piece of the apple and fell down dead.  The Evil Queen looked at her and laughed aloud. Scene 4 Meanwhile the Prince was searching Snow White.  Together with the Huntsman who revealed his secret about Snow White the Prince found the place in the forest where the poor girl was left alone. Suddenly they met the Evil Queen who triumphantly returned to her castle.  The fight broke out.  The Evil Queen almost won but the Prince took the magic rose presented by Snow White and used it as a spear against the Queen.  His words of true love and unfading flower destroyed magic power of the Queen.  Powerless Evil Queen disappeared. Scene 5 The dwarfs were worried and hurried to their house where Snow White was laying dead.  She was so beautiful as if she was sleeping.  In deep sorrow the dwarfs buried Snow White on a high mountain in flowered coffin made of glass. The Charming Prince was searching for his beloved.  And once again the magic rose helped him showing the way to Snow White.  However his Princess was dead and the Prince wanted to bid farewell.  He asked the permission to kiss his beloved for the last time.  And Snow White revived and opened her eyes. Scene 6 There was the great celebration in the castle.  Snow White and the Charming Prince were getting married.  They invited dwarfs too.  So Snow White and the Charming Prince lived long ever after.  And justice and love ruled in their kingdom. хатинки – Гноми, повернувшись із роботи, дуже злякалися, побачивши незнайому гостю. Дівчинка прокидається і знайомиться з дивовижними чоловічками. Порадившись із Мудруном, вони дружно запропонували Білосніжці залишитися в них.

2 картина

Знову Королева звернулася до чарівного дзеркала: «Покажи чимскоріше, чи є тепер хтось від мене гарніший?». І чує у відповідь: «Ви прекрасні, Королево, у нас. Однак у лісі, у хатинці семи Гномів, живе Білосніжка, яка вродливіша від вас».

Королева-мачуха розлютилася. У старих фоліантах вичитала вона чародійний рецепт, як наповнити отрутою яблуко і перетворитися на стару Жебрачку. Вона зловтішно любується червонобоким  зачаклованим яблуком і бачить у мріях мертву Білосніжку.

3 картина

Зранку Білосніжка проводжає Гномів на роботу. Вони радять їй не впускати нікого до хатки.

Зла Королева під виглядом Жебрачки постукала у двері й попросила води. Добра дівчина напоїла її, а «бабуся» подарувала їй яблуко, яке «здійснює» бажання. А в Білосніжки була мрія –  ще раз зустрітися з Принцом. Нетерпляче відкусила вона шматочок яблука – і впала, мов нежива. Королева зі своєю свитою злобно втішається.

4 картина

А тим часом Принц розшукував Білосніжку. Разом із Лісничим, який розкрив таємницю, вони йшли до того місця у лісі, де колись залишилася бідолашна дівчина.

Несподівано вони зустрілися з Королевою, яка, торжествуючи, поверталася додому. Зав’язався бій. Королева вже майже перемогла Принца з його друзями, як тут він згадав про нев’янучу й чарівну квітку кохання – троянду, яку йому подарувала Білосніжка. Він спрямував троянду, як спис, у бік Королеви – і зіткнулися світло й пітьма. А коли з уст Принца пролунали ще й слова про вірне кохання до Білосніжки, чари Королеви цілковито втратили свою силу і вона зникла.

5 картина

Стурбовані Гноми в передчутті біди поспішають додому. Вони побачили Білосніжку мертвою. Вона лежала така гарна, рум’яна. Здавалося, ніби спить. Опечалені, добрі маленькі чоловічки вирішили поховати її по-своєму: на високій горі, в заквітчаному ліжечку, щоб завжди любуватися її вродою.

Принц далі шукає Білосніжку. Йому знову стала в пригоді Троянда. Вона підказала Принцові шлях до коханої Принцеси. Побачивши дівчину мертвою, юнак захотів поцілувати її востаннє. І сталося диво – Білосніжка ожила!

6 картина

У палаці радісна подія – весілля Принца і Білосніжки. На свято вони запросили всіх своїх друзів і, звичайно, Гномів.

Білосніжка з Принцом жили довго та щасливо. А в їх краї панували справедливість і любов.

Short Description

Ballet of Polish composer Bohdan Pavlovsky “Snow White and Seven Dwarfs” is a gift of our theater to the smallest spectators.  An ancient fairy tale of Grimm brothers is particularly charming in the staging of Igor Khramov. A familiar from childhood story about a young princess Snow White, who is casted away by her arrogant stepmother, becomes the story about friendship and fidelity. Kind heart of Snow White, her gentle character and sensitivity help her to survive in a dark forest. Funny Dwarfs have loved the girl sincerely and offered her to stay with them. And no magic and intrigues can defeat love.  Live, charming, dynamic music together with light choreography turns the ballet into a gorgeous fairy tale. This performance is filled with lively dances of Snow White, dwarves, animals and birds that helped the Prince to break the spell of the evil queen and to unite with his beloved Snow White.