22 April 18:00

Traviata (La traviata)


G. Verdi

Libretto Francesco Maria Piave after Alexandre Dumas’s play “La Dame aux Camelias”

Opera in 4 acts

Language: original language

Conductor-stage director:

Honored Artist of Ukraine Mykhailo Dutchak

Stage director:

(UA) Джузеппе Вішілія (Італія)

(UA) Балетмейстер-постановник:

(UA) заслужений артист України Петрос Малхасянц

(UA) Художник костюмів:

Honored Painter of Ukraine Oksana Zinchenko

(UA) Хормейстер:

(UA) лауреат всеукраїнського конкурсу Vasyl Koval

(UA) Диригент:

Violetta Valéry, a courtesan:

(UA) заслужена артистка України Natalia Romanyuk

(UA) лауреат міжнародного конкурсу Yuliya Lysenko

Flora Bervoix, Violetta's friend:

(UA) заслужена артистка України Nataliya Velychko

Honored Artist of Ukraine Yana Voytyuk

Svitlana Razina

Annina, Violetta's maid:

(UA) дипломант міжнародного конкурсу Halyna Vilkha

(UA) лауреат міжнародного конкурсу Veronika Kolomishcheva

Vira Koltun

Alfredo Germont, a young bourgeois from a provincial family:

(UA) народний артист України Oleh Lykhach

(UA) лауреат міжнародних конкурсів (UA) Михайло Малафій

(UA) лауреат всеукраїнського конкурсу Vasyl Sadovskyy

Honoured artist of Ukraine Roman Trokhymuk

Giorgio Germont, Alfredo's father:

(UA) лауреат міжнародного конкурсу Vitaliy Zahorbenskyy

People’s Artist of Ukraine Stepan Pyatnychko

(UA) заслужений артист України Orest Sydir

Ruslan Ferants

Gastone de Letorières, Alfredo's friend:

Vitaliy Voytko

(UA) лауреат міжнародного конкурсу Oleh Lanovyy

Andriy Savka

Barone Douphol, Violetta's lover, a rival of Alfredo:

(UA) лауреат міжнародних конкурсів Andriy Benyuk

(UA) лауреат міжнародного конкурсу Vitaliy Zahorbenskyy

Marchese d'Obigny:

Yuriy Trytsetskyy

(UA) лауреат міжнародного конкурсу Volodymyr Chibisov

Dottore Grenvil:

Nazar Pavlenko

Yuriy Trytsetskyy

(UA) лауреат міжнародного конкурсу Volodymyr Chibisov

(UA) Перехожий:

(UA) лауреат міжнародного конкурсу Vitaliy Zahorbenskyy

Stepan Tarasovych

Act 1

A party at Violetta’s salon. Among the guests there is Alfredo Germont, who falls in love with the beautiful courtesan from the first sight. Almost immediately he notices that the girl is ill. Alfredo asks Violetta to take care of herself, to change her lifestyle. She is touched by the young man’s sincerity and agrees to go on a date with him.

Left alone, Violetta dreams of happy future with Alfred, with whom she fell in love and decides to break with shameful past.

Act 2

Lovers spend a few happy months on a villa outside the city. Violetta receives an invitation to a ball from Flora, and she accepts it.

Having waited for Alfredo to go, Giorgio Germont approaches Violetta and asks her to leave his son as their relationship is a disgrace to their family, and she also stands in the way to Alfredo’s career.

For the sake of this Violetta promises to part with Alfred.

Act 3

A party at Flora’s house. Everybody already knows about break between Violetta and Alfredo.

Violetta comes accompanied by the Baron, whom Alfred believes to be his opponent.

During a game of cards, there is a sharp dispute between them that could turn into a duel.

Violetta asks Alfredo to leave the ball, but he does not want to go without her. Alfredo misunderstands her refusal as betrayal and, filled with anger, insults her.

Act 4

Seriously ill Violetta lives with memories of the happy days with Alfred, whom she still loves. She rereads a letter from Giorgio Germont: “Alfred knows the truth about your noble self-sacrifice and will soon return to you.”

Unfortunately, the joy of the meeting is short. Surrounded by caring friends, Violetta dies.