C. Pugni
ballet in 3 acts
180 Мin.

Libretto Eugen Lysyk, Semen Drechyn

Choreography Semen Drechyn

“Esmeralda” is a ballet, inspired by the novel “Notre-Dame de Paris” by Victor Hugo, to music by Cesare Pugni. The choreography of Semen Drechyn unfolds the dramatic storyline of the ballet. Overwhelming love and passion, sacrifice and jealousy are represented in the main characters and are performed by dancers with extreme sensibility.

The famous story about the beautiful Esmeralda and the henchman Quasimodo unfolds in the prologue, three acts and the epilogue. Mass, colorful scenes with bright costumes are also included in the ballet. The grand scenery is impressive: the image of the cathedral, which seems to tower over the life drama of the main characters and the bells, the loud sound and echo of which, fill the entire space of the image.


Semеn Drechyn народний артист Білорусії

Ballet master of the revival

Natalia Slobodian People's Artist of Ukraine

Conductor of the revival

Volodymyr Garbaruk


Yurii Bervetskyi Honored artist of Ukraine


Yevhen Lysyk People's Artist of Ukraine, Laureate of the Shevchenko National Prize

Designer of the revival

Tadey Ryndzak People's Artist of Ukraine

Costume of the revival

Oksana Zinchenko Honored Artist of Ukraine


Gudula is praying in Notre Dame de Paris. The lonely almost insane woman is looking for her only daughter who has been stolen by strangers. There is begging for help in her prayers.

Act 1

Spring Feast in full swing. Election of the “pope” of buffoons begins. A bell-ringer of the cathedral ugly hunchback Quasimodo wins the elections. Citizens’ leader Claupen Trulfau is putting “a tiara” on his head. Clergyman Claude Frollo stops that gaiety. Gipsy Esmeralda attracts attention of the crowd. Claude cannot stop looking at a young beauty either. Being blinded with her beauty, he orders the bell-ringer to steal Esmeralda. Fortunately, she is saved by a night watch under the command of the officer Phoebus de Chataupeur. Quasimodo is taken to prison and is chained to pillory for an attempt to steal Esmeralda. The crowd is scoffing at him, only Esmeralda sympathizes with him and gives him some water. However she is afraid of his ugliness.

Act 2

High society ball. In a mystery play the hostess is acting a part of Queen of the Night.  Courteous officer Phoebus de Chataupeur is the centre of attention of guests. Mystery play disappears and Phoebus meets Esmeralda again. Claude in passion watches the lovers closely.  He loses his temper and kills Phoebus.

Sermon in the cathedral. Claude threatens sinners with the divine scourge and nobody believes that this very man is the assassin.

Act 3

Esmeralda, enfeebled by tortures, is in prison. Claude offers her salvation in return for her love.  However Esmeralda rejects his soliciting.

The square in front of the cathedral. Esmeralda is waiting for execution. Quasimodo steals her and hides her in the bell tower. Claude for the last time asks the beautiful gipsy to favour him with love.  She refuses again. And he takes Esmeralda to inquisition.

The crowd is gathering in the square in front of the cathedral where the execution will be held. Gudula recognizes Esmeralda as her daughter.

The mother pleads inquisitors to grant life to her daughter in vain; fire starts burning…  But it cannot separate the mother and her daughter who remain motionless embracing each other.


Quasimodo’s sorrow is infinite. In despair he rings the bells and their echo sounds as protest of his soul against cruelty and lack of rights, as sympathy for the miserable and oppressed people.

About show

   La Esmeralda is a ballet, inspired by the novel Notre-Dame de Paris by Victor Hugo, choreographed by People Artist of Belarus Semen Drechin in 1988. Now this production is favorite for fans of ballet art. La Esmeralda has a passionate atmosphere, perfect choreography, gripping plot and fascinating sets designed by People Artist of Ukraine, Shevchenko National Prize laureate Yevhen Lysyk. The ballet tells the story about beautiful Esmeralda, who was kidnapped and brought up by the Gypsies.

   La Esmeralda is a pride of our theatre, a pearl of ballet art, which captures the imagination and leaves the audience an overwhelming impression.

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Claude Frollo

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Officer Phoebus

Serhiy Kachura Honored artist of Ukraine

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Oleksandr Omelchenko Honored Artist of Ukraine


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Yuliya Yermolenko ballet inspector

Queen of the Night

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print*The theater reserves the right to replace performers