Olexandr Myshuga
Education, work activities and repertoire parties

Olexandr Myshuga (1853-1922) was a prominent tenor who performed in opera houses of Milan, Saint Petersburg, Kyiv, Stockholm, Warsaw, Vienna and many other big cities of Europe.
A native of our land (born in Vytkiv village of Radekhiv district), he never forgot it, performing in Lviv very often.
At the opening of the City Theatre on October 4, 1990 Olexander Myshuga played the main role in the opera “Janek” by W. Zelenski which was written to fit his voice. In 1906-1911 O. Myshuga was a professor of singing at the M. Lysenko music school in Kyiv and in 1912-13 – in S. Moniuszko musical institute in Warsaw.
Another important page in his biography is charity, which he generously showed for Ukrainian institutions and support of talented Ukrainian youth.