Don Giovanni/ Dress rehearsal

W. A. Mozart
Dress rehearsal "Don Giovanni"
opera in 2 acts
18:00 - 21:00.

Librettо by Lorenzo Da Ponte




Yuriy Berveckyy Honored artist of Ukraine


Vasyl Vovkun People’s Artist of Ukraine


Marcello Aldgeri ( Italy )

Sergyj Naenko Honored Artist of Ukraine


Вадим Яценко лауреат всеукраїнського конкурсу


Tadey Ryndzak People's Painter of Ukraine

Художник костюмів

Оксана Зінченко заслужений художник України

Act 1

Scene  One

A night in Seville

Leporello is on a watch in front of Don Gonsalo’s house: Don Giovanni, his master, has stolen into Donna Anna’s room through a window. But the girl rejects the courting of Don Giovanni whose face is hidden behind a mask. He tries to flee, but Donna Anna calls for help. The Commander appears with a sword in his hand and challenges the seducer to a duel. Don Giovanni wants to avoid a bloodshed. But Don Gonsalo calls him a cowar. He snatches at his sword. The Commander falls dead, while Don Giovanni and his servant escape.

Don Ottavio, Donna Anna’s groom, appears. He swears to take vengeance on the unknown murderer.

Scene Two

Don Giovanni is looking for a new victim, but a failure is waiting for him, as in his chosen lady he recognizes Donna Elvira, his earlier left sweetheart. She’s just seeking him to bring to account for his treason. But the cunning boy successfully gets out of the scrape, leaving sad Elvira with Leporello. In order to console Elvira, the servant tells her about women seduced by his master.

A wedding procession is approaching, headed by the bride and groom, Zerlina and Masetto. Don Giovanni likes the pretty girl. He orders his servant to treat the whole procession. Meanwhile, he invites Zerlina to the castle. But Donna Elvira appears again and unmasks the seducer to the credulous peasant girl. Don Giovanni tries to present the jealous woman as mentally ill, but Elvira takes Zerlina away.

Without even suspecting that the murderer is before them, Donna Anna and Don Ottavio ask Don Giovanni to help them. Don Giovanni agrees with a hypocritical politeness. All of a sudden, Donna Elvira comes and tries to reveal the seducer again. Don Giovanni calls her mad without ceremony. Donna Anna, the Commander’s daughter, tells her groom Don Ottavio in terror that she’s recognized in Don Giovanni one who assaulted her at night and killed her father.

Scene Three

Don Giovanni is listening with pleasure to Leporello’s story about the castle events. Don Giovanni is in high spirits .

Scene Four

A park at the castle.

Zerlina tries to propitiate the infuriated Masetto. The knight hasn’t even touched her, hasn’t even glanced at her. So, why be angry?

Soon three masked persons appear. They are Donna Anna, Donna Elvira and Don Ottavio. They aren’t looking for funs, but they’ve come to unmask Don Giovanni.

Masetto is the only sad one among the wild revelry. He’sangrily watching the host flirting with Zerlina. Three masked strangers enter. Don Giovanni uses the bustle drawing Zerlina to the next room. The guests run up to the girl’ s shouting, but the seducer is calm. He puts the blame on Leporello, who allegedly wanted to seduce Zerlina, but he rushed to save her. Nobody believes Don Giovanni is paving a way to the exit for him­self and Leporello with his sword.

Act 2

Scene One

A street in front of Donna Elvira’s house. It’s getting dark. Leporello is sick and tired of dangerous adventures. Sooner or later it must come to a bad end. The servant makes up his mind to leave his master. But a purse with gold stops his grumbling. Don Giovanni’s attention is attracted by Elvira’s maid. But the cavalier decides that he’d better disguise himself as a servant. Don Giovanni and Leporello exchange their cloaks.

Meanwhile, Elvira comes out into a balcony. Hidden behind the servant’s back, Don Giovanni is singing a serenade. Elvira burns with passion again. She runs out into the street. As in the darkness she takes the disguised Leporello for her unfaithful sweetheart, she’s ready to go with him to the back of beyond.

Now Don Giovanni may flirt with the maid. The idyll is destroyed by Masetto. He and a few of his friends are looking for Don Giovanni to revenge the mutilated honour. But Don Giovanni pretends to be Leporello and even shows where the wicked seducer can be found. Masetto’s armed friends disperse, and Zerlina’s unhappy groom remains tete-a-tete with the cavalier. Don Giovanni beats him and then, laughing, leaves him. Zerlina tenderly consoles her sweetheart.

Scene Two

Dressed in his master’s clothes, Leporello is still strolling with Donna Elvira. He’s not feeling very sure in this dangerous role. He gets quite bad when Donna Anna and Don Ottavio appear, followed by Zerlina and Masetto.

The frightened Leporello immediately tells everything. This new trick of Don Giovanni strikes everyone even more, and Ottavio promises to be quits with the seducer.

Scene Three

A cemetery in Seville.

Don Giovanni climbs over the wall and finds his servant. Among graves and crosses they tell each other about their last adventures. They are standing in front of a monument to the Commander, and Leporello reads the inscription in terror: “Here death is waiting for the murderer”.

But it doesn’t frighten Don Giovanni. Self-confident, he invites the stone statue of the Commander he murdered to a dinner party. The statue threateningly nods its head: “I shall come”.

Scene Four

Don Giovanni is savouring a splendid dinner in high spirits. Donna Elvira comes tо him again, for the last time. She tries once again to turn her unfaithful sweetheart onto the right way. But Don Giovanni doesn’t want to listen to her. Donna Elvira goes to the door, but immediately rushes back in terror. Don Giovanni sends Leporello to see what’s going on there. The servant reports in terror that the stone statue of the Commander has visited their dinner. Don Giovanni’s minutes are counted, but he goes to meet his death without any fear. “No” – is his answer to the Commander’s demand for him to repent.

It’s terribly thundering. The sky is pierced by lightnings. Don Giovanni, drawn by the Commander to the abyss, dies.

The lust of revenge brings here the offended Donna Elvira, Donna Anna and Don Ottavio, Zerlina and Masetto. The frightened Leporello tells them what’s happened. The avengers are satisfied: at last Don Giovanni’s got his deserved punishment

About show

   Середньовічна іспанська легенда про «покараного розпусника», спокусника жінок Дон Жуана, є одним з найпопулярніших сюжетів в історії світового театру. Вона лягла в основу безлічі театральних вистав – драматичних, музичних, народних, лялькових, хореографічних. У рік створення моцартовского шедевра тільки в Італії йшло відразу кілька оперних вистав на той же сюжет.
   Історія Дон-Жуана дала Моцарту привід для постановки проблеми особистості. Його Дон-Жуан – це втілення безрозсудної відваги, кипучої енергії, незнищенного оптимізму і любові до життя. Саме в життєлюбності закладено головний секрет чарівності цього героя. Однак його егоїзм, зневага до законів честі і моралі стають джерелом нещастя для всіх, кого зустрічає Дон-Жуан на своєму шляху. Композитор підкреслив подвійність, суперечливість Дон-Жуана. Це не просто «покараний розпусник», як в більшості присвячених йому творів, а сильна особистість, яка живе за своїми власними законами.

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