La traviata

G. Verdi
La traviata
Опера на 4 дії
18:00 - 20:50.

Libretto Francesco Maria Piave after Alexandre Dumas’s play “La Dame aux Camelias”

Opera in 4 acts

Language: original language



Mykhailo Dutchak People's аrtist of Ukraine


Iryna Stasyshyn Honored Artist of Ukraine


Giuseppe Visciglia (Italy)


Petros Malkhasyants Honored artist of Ukraine


Tadey Ryndzak People's Artist of Ukraine

Художник костюмів

Oksana Zinchenko Honored Artist of Ukraine


Vadym Yatsenko Winner of Ukrainian competition

Act 1

Violetta’s house. A brief prelude contains two themes from the opera; one is con­nected with Violetta’s illness, the other with her poignant farewell to Alfredo. At a party Alfredo Germont is introduced to the hostess.  Violetta invites him to sing a drinking song as the guests drink a toast. He celebrates true love, and Violetta responds in praise of free love. She is touched by his candid manner and honesty. Suddenly she feels faint, and the guests withdraw. Only Alfredo remains behind and declares his love. There is no place for such feelings in her life, Violetta replies. But she gives him a camellia, asking him to return when the flower has faded. He realizes this means he will see her again the following day. Alone, Violetta is torn by conflicting emotions – she doesn’t want to give up her way of life, but at the same time she feels that Alfredo has awakened her desire to be truly loved.

Act 2

Violetta has chosen a life with Alfredo, and they enjoy their love in the country, far from society. Annina confides that Violetta has been selling her property to support Alfredo. When Alfredo discovers that, he immediately leaves for Paris to procure money. Violetta has received an invitation to a masked ball, but she no longer cares for such distractions. In Alfredo’s absence, his father, Giorgio Germont, pays her a visit. He demands that she separates from his son, as their relationship threatens his daughter’s impending marriage. He finds her a charming and generous woman and realizes that Violetta is not after his son’s money – she is a woman who loves unselfishly. He appeals to Violetta’s generosity of spirit and explains that, from a bourgeois point of view, her liaison with Alfredo has no future. Violetta’s resistance dwindles and she finally agrees to leave Alfredo forever.  She accepts the invitation to the ball and writes a goodbye letter to her lover. Alfredo returns, and while he is reading the letter, his father appears to console him. But all the memories of home and a happy family can’t prevent the furious and jealous Alfredo from seeking revenge for Violetta’s apparent betrayal.

Act 3

At the masked ball in Flora Bervoix’s house in Paris, news of Violetta and Alfredo’s separation has spread. Gaston and his friends appear as matadors and others as picadors.  It is a lively scene, upon which there enters Alfredo, to be followed soon by Baron Dauphol and Violetta. Alfredo seats at a card table. Alfredo and the baron battle at the gaming table and Alfredo wins a fortune: lucky at cards, unlucky in love. A servant announces that the banquet is ready.  All retire to an adjoining salon. The stage is empty for a brief moment. Violetta enters and Alfredo joins her.  Alfredo confronts Violetta, who claims to be truly in love with the Baron. In his rage Alfredo calls the guests as witnesses and furiously casts at Violetta’s feet all his winnings at the gaming table to repay what she has spent to help him maintain the house near Paris where they lived together. Giorgio Germont, who has witnessed the scene, rebukes his son for his behavior. The baron challenges his rival to a duel.

Act 4

Violetta’s bedroom.  Violetta is dying.  Her last remaining friend, Doctor Grenvil cheerfully holds out hope of recovery to Violetta, but leaving the house he whispers to Annina that her mistress has but few hours more to live.  Alfredo’s father has written to Violetta, informing her that his son was not injured in the duel. Full of remorse, he has told him about Violetta’s sacrifice.  The sound of rampant celebrations are heard from outside while Violetta is in mortal agony. Annina returns. She has seen Alfredo. He is waiting to be announced. The dy­ing woman bids Annina hasten to admit him. A moment later he holds Violetta in his arms. Approaching death is forgotten. Nothing again shall part them. They will leave Paris for some quiet place. Her energy and exuberant joy of life return. All sorrow and suffering seems to have left Violetta – a final illusion, before death claims her. Giorgio Germont and Dr. Grenvil came in. There is nothing to be done. The cough that racked the poor frail body has ceased. La traviata is dead.

About show

   Alexandre Dumas, fils composed the beautiful and sad story about love of Marguerite and Armand. Giuseppe Verdi set the novel “The Lady of Camellias” on music and named the opera “La Traviata”. The composer changed the names of the main characters to Violetta and Alfredo, however this did not influence the popularity of the great opera.

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Luydmyla Korsun (Ostash) Honored Artist of Ukraine

Marcelina Beucher (Poland) winner of the international competition

Alfredo Germont

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Giorgio Germont

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Volodymyr Dutchak

Yuriy Trytsetskyy Honored artist of Ukraine

Volodymyr Chibisov winner of the international competition


Vitalij Zagorbenskyj winner of the international competition

Mykola Kornutyak winner of the international competition

Ruslan Feranz

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11 September 2017
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