La Bayadère

L. Minkus
ballet in 3 acts
180 minutes.

Libretto written by Marius Petipa Choreographed by Marius Petipa   


Petros Malkhasyants Honored artist of Ukraine

Сhief conductor

Andriy Yurkevych Honored Artist of Ukraine


Yurii Bervetskyi Honored artist of Ukraine

Iryna Stasyshyn Honored Artist of Ukraine

Set designer

Mykhailo Ryndzak People's Artist of Ukraine

Costume designer

Larysa Kuzmyk

Act I

Young warriors led by Solor are chasing a tiger.  Before going in the forest, Solor asks fakir Magedaveya to tell bayadere Nikia that he will await her near the temple. The High Bramin and priests are solemnly coming out from the temple.  The celebration of the Fire Feast begins.  Fakirs and temple dancers, bayaderes, are performing sacred dances.  The High Bramin declares his love to Nikia, the most beautiful of the bayaderes, but she rejects. The night comes.  Fakir guards Nikia and Solor who meet secretly.  However the High Bramin overhears them swear eternal love near the Sacred Fire.  Bramin decides to revenge cruelly. Next morning.  Rajah Dugmanta tells his daughter Gamzatti that she will meet her fiancée Solor, whom she was engaged with when a child.  Solor comes.  He is overwhelmed by her beauty.  Even thou he cannot forget Nikia and his swear of eternal love. The High Bramin arrives and informs the rajah of Solor’s and Nikia’s oath near Sacred Fire.  Dugmanta is furious with Solor, but still wants his daughter to marry the young warrior.  Instead, the rajah decides to kill Nikia.  Gamzatti overheard their conversation. Nikia comes.  Gamzatti shows the portrait of her fiancée Solor.  Nikia is astonished; she recognizes her beloved Solor, who swore to love her eternally.  Gamzatti orders Nikia to give up Solor.  Refusing, Nikia attempts to kill Gamzatti.  The daughter of rajah swears to kill her.

Act II

The garden near rajah palace.  The bayadere Nikia is ordered to dance and entertain guests at Solor and Ganzatti engagement.  Rajah orders to present Nikia a bunch of flowers as though that is the gift from Solor.  Nikia is happy.  Suddenly a snake appears out of the bouquet and bites the bayadere.  The High Bramin offers to save her in return of her love.  However Nikia refuses and, reminding Solor about their love, dies.


Solor is inconsolable and overcame with remorse.  Thinking of Nikia he falls asleep.  In his dream he sees shadows and beautiful Nikia among them.  Solor is happy after meeting with his beloved.  Solor awakes and cannot settle down.  He reminisces about the past.  Dugmanta arrives and takes Solor to the wedding ceremony.  Suddenly, during the ceremony when Bramin joins the hands of the newly married couple, there is a great crash of thunder and lightning strikes the temple.  Everybody dies.  That is the gods’ revenge for Solor’s betrayal. Nikia’s shadow appears over the peaks of Himalayas and calls Solor.

About show

   La Bayadere is one of the most enigmatic and monumental plays of Ludwig Minkus and Marius Petipa. The plot of the ballet seems to be a fascinating oriental fairy tale about love, loyalty and insidiousness.   The action takes place in Ancient India. The love of bayadere Nikiya and warrior Solor causes the rage of High Brahmin, who also loves Nikiya, and his daughter Gamzatti, the bride of Solor.    Nikiya dies from the bite of a venomous snake, which was in a basket of flowers that she was presented during a religious holiday. And now Solor meets the ghost of bayadere in his dreams only. However Solor and Gamzatti were not fated to get married.    The gods take revenge for Nikiya’s murder by destroying the temple and all of its occupants during the earthquake. In an apotheosis, the shades of both Nikiya and Solor are reunited in death and eternal love.

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Darja Emeljyanceva

Daryna Kirik

Jaryna Kotys Honored artist of Ukraine


Arsen Marusenko

Andriy Mykhalikha

Oleksandr Omelchenko Honored Artist of Ukraine


Victoria Zvarych

Uljana Korchevska

Olesya Marchuk

Daria Berkova

Magedaveya, fakir

Andriy Havrin

Viktor Gatselyuk

Myroslav Melnyk

The High Brahmin

Yurij Grigoriev

Dugmanta, Rajah

Andriy Bilous

The Bronze Idol

Kostiantyn Hulay

Serhiy Lomovitsky

Manu (Dance with Jug)

Anastasia Gnatyshyn

Roksolyana Iskra

Maria Potapova

Dance with drum

Anastasia Gnatyshyn

Romana Dumanska diploma of the international competition

Uljana Korchevska

Olha Polyakova

Viktor Gatselyuk

Volodymyr Sudomliak

Myroslav Melnyk

Serhiy Lomovitsky

Ilya Ustynenkov

Grand Pas

Victoria Zvarych

Roksolyana Iskra

Iryna Lampiko

Nataliya Pelo

Yuliya Mykhalikha

Serhiy Kachura Honored artist of Ukraine

Andriy Mykhalikha

Serhiy Aleksandrov

Dmytro Kolomiets

Variations/ Scene "Shadows"

Anastasia Bondar

Victoria Zvarych

Yuliya Yermolenko ballet inspector

Daryna Kirik

Nataliya Pelo

Yuliya Mykhalikha

Natalia Ruzyak

Violine solo

Yuriy Votynsky

Andriy Chaikovskyy

print*The theater reserves the right to replace performers
print*The theater reserves the right to replace performers