Le Corsaire

A. Adam
Le Corsaire
2 h. 30 min..

Ballet in 2 acts

Music by A. Adam, L.Dеlibes, Z.Pugni, P.Oldenburgskyy, R. Drigo

Libretto by Jules-Henri Vernoy de Saint-Georges and Joseph Mazilier, versioned by Juliana Malkhasyants

Based on the poem The Corsair by Lord Byron.





Сhief conductor

Yurii Bervetskyi Honored artist of Ukraine


Yulianna Malkhasyants

Set designer

Mykhailo Ryndzak People's Artist of Ukraine

Costume designer

Khrystyna Kozak


A ship with pirates sails across the sea.  Neither winds nor storms can stop brave Conrad and his friends.  At last they see long-expected shore.

Act I1

Scene 1 (The Slave Market)

The square of the Eastern market.  The traders sell slaves from all over the world.  The owner of the market Lankedem brings a new prisoner.  This is Medora from Greece.  All traders are impressed with her beauty and want to buy her, but Lankedem refuses as he has other prospects for the girl.

The trade is in full swing when pirates appear.  Conrad is excited with Medora’s beauty.  Their eyes meet and they fall in love.  Conrad wants to ransom Medora, but Lankedem refuses.

Rich and powerful Pasha Seid arrives to the square together with his court.  He demands to show him the most beautiful slave-girls.  Lankedem offers him pretty girls, but the real beauty is Medora from Greece.  He makes the girl dance for the rich man.  This is a chance for Medora to meet Conrad again.

Pasha is fascinated by the girl and wants to buy her.  Lankedem says that she is worth the chest of gold.  Pasha Seid agrees and tells Lankedem to bring Medora to his palace.  While Lankedem and Seid are bargaining, Medora and Conrad arrange the escape.

Birbanto and the pirates start dancing with their girlfriends to draw away traders’ attention.  Conrad gives a signal and the pirates steal the slave-girls.  Conrad takes Medora away.  Lankedem tries to recapture Medora, but he is taken a prisoner.

Scene 2 (Corsairs’ Grotto)

Grotto among the rocks.  Corsairs return with rich booty.  Conrad is ready to put all his treasures to Medora’s feet.  Seeing how much Conrad is in love, the other girls entreat Medora to free them.  Medora sympathies them and asks Conrad to release slave-girls.  In the name of love Conrad agrees.

Birbanto is angry; it was the booty of all pirates.  He attacks his chieftain, but is defeated.  Birbanto is humiliated and incites the pirates to rebel.  He develops a cunning plan.  Birbanto pours sleeping draught into the wine and forces coward Lankedem to give it to Conrad.  Medora and Conrad are happy.  Conrad drinks some wine and falls asleep.  Medora is alone among the conspirators.  Birbanto mocks at her and threatens to kill Conrad.  Protecting her beloved Medora injures Birbanto and faints.  Birbanto gives the girl back to Lankedem, who can bring her back to Pasha Seid.  Birbanto remains alone with Conrad and wants to revenge him, but Conrad suddenly wakes up.  Coward Birdanto accuses Lankedem of stealing Medora.  Conrad is in despair.

Act 2

Scene 3 (The palace of Pasha Seid)

Harem in the palace.  The concubines are bored while waiting for their master.  Young Gulnara dreams to become Pasha Seid’s wife.  She wants the eunuch to give her beautiful cope; the concubine who has it becomes the favorite.  However eunuch guards the cope carefully.

The boredom disappears when Pasha Seid comes.  The eunuch presents the most beautiful concubines but Gulnara tries to draw master’s attention.  Chief guard brings Lankedem and Medora in.  Pasha is amazed with her beauty and makes Medora his concubine.

The monks – pilgrims come to the palace.  They invite Pasha for the evening prayer.  During the prayer one of the monks comes to Medora and uncovers his face – this is Conrad.

Pasha Seid offers the monks to rest in his garden after the prayer.  The palace has many wonders, but the most exciting is the garden with exotic birds.  Suddenly the monks take off their cassocks and start fighting with Pasha Seid’s guards.  Medora tells Conrad about Birbanto’s betrayal, but he doubts her words.  Modora shows the wound on Birbanto’s hand and persuades Conrad in Birbanto’s betrayal.   Birbanto runs away and is killed by the guard.  Pasha Seid’s soldiers press the corsairs.  Conrad is ready to fight with the whole army.  But Medora is again the prisoner and Conrad has to give up.  Pasha Seid celebrates his victory, his enemy is in the prison.  The eunuch gives Medora the cope of the favorite.

Scene 4 (The prison)

Gulnara doesn’t want Medora to be a favorite.  She is ready to help the loving couple but she demands the cope of favorite in return.  Gulnara steals the keys and helps to free Conrad.  Medora gives her the cope.  Gulnara is happy.  The escape is revealed.  Pasha Seid orders to chase escapees.


Fortune favours Conrad and Medora.  They sail to better life without betrayal, slavery and robbery.


About show
Короткий опис

An exciting plot, the adventures of sea pirates and the luxury of oriental harems have made “Corsair” one of the most beloved ballets of the romantic period. In the 2-act version of the ballet choreographed by Yulianna Malkhasiants, special attention is paid to drama to impress the audience of all ages.

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Oleksandr Omelchenko Honored Artist of Ukraine

Andriy Mykhalikha

Serhiy Kachura Honored artist of Ukraine


Andriy Mykhalikha


Daryna Kirik

Jaryna Kotys Honored artist of Ukraine

Seyd, the Pacha

Andriy Bilous


Maryna Hulega

Inna Kluchnyk

Nataliya Pelo

Isaac Lanquedem

Yurij Grigoriev


Kostiantyn Hulay


Bohdan Kluchnyk

Girlfriend Birbanto

Anastasia Gnatyshyn

Inna Kluchnyk

Uljana Korchevska

Nataliya Pelo

Pas d'esclaves

Anastasia Gnatyshyn

Darja Emeljyanceva

Daryna Kirik

Olha Pylypeіko

Serhiy Kachura Honored artist of Ukraine

Arsen Marusenko

Danse des forbans

Anastasia Gnatyshyn

Uljana Korchevska

Nataliya Pelo

Serhiy Kachura Honored artist of Ukraine

Bohdan Kluchnyk

Volodymyr Sudomliak

Myroslav Melnyk

Daria Berkova

Kateryna Suprunenko

Serhiy Aleksandrov

Andriy Havrin

Yuriy Martyn

Pas de Trois des Odalisques

Anastasia Gnatyshyn

Darja Emeljyanceva

Uljana Korchevska

Jaryna Kotys Honored artist of Ukraine

Yuliya Mykhalikha

Daryna Kirik

Victoria Zvarych

Nataliya Pelo

Kateryna Suprunenko

Anna Popovych

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print*The theater reserves the right to replace performers