Concert program


Music. Painting. Light
Painting. Music. Light
90 minutes.

Art project of Myron Yusypovych “Harmony of Spheres”

The artistic event is dedicated to Yevhen Lysyk (1930-1991), People’s Artist of Ukraine, Taras Shevchenko National Prize winner, and former Lviv National Opera chief artist.

The symphonic music and artistic canvases of the Master are combined in a creative dialogue of generations and form a unique “score” of the interaction of the two arts.

Large-scale creative works of Yevhen Lysyk will be revived due to impressive 3D projection and light effects. They will be filled with the powerful sound of an orchestra, and symphonic works will sparkle with emotions, shades and colours of the artist’s paintings.

“Often, the best inspired canvases, like the best examples of world music, are born from the same seed – a spiritual principle that germinates and blossoms in sounds or colours.

The phenomenon of the unity of these different but at the same time so similar forms spurred their common embodiment in our “Harmony of Spheres”. Perhaps our event will be not only an exquisite pleasure for our audience but also a new incentive for the creativity of artists in these high and close genres of art”, – said the author of the project, Myron Yusypovych.


Symphony Orchestra of Lviv National Opera
Conductor – Myron Yusypovych

The concert features works of Richard Wagner, Borys Liatoshynskyi, Hector Berlioz, Benjamin Britten, Samuel Barber, Ottorino Respighi and others.

About show


Ріхард Вагнер. Вступ до опери «Лоенгрін»

Ріхард Вагнер. «Вакханалія» з опери «Тангойзер»

Ріхард Вагнер. «Смерть Ізольди» з опери «Трістан та Ізольда»

Борис Лятошинський. Симфонія №3,  частина II

Гектор Берліоз. «Фантастична симфонія», частина IV, «Похід на страту»

Бенджамін Бріттен. Кант з «Варіацій на тему Френка Бріджа»

Борис Лятошинський. Симфонія №3, частина ІІІ

Семюел Барбер. Адажіо з квартету №1

Отторіно Респіґі. «Пінії Риму»

Симфонічний оркестр Львівської національної опери
Диригент – Мирон Юсипович, народний артист України