Myroslav Skoryk

Myroslav Skoryk is a Hero of Ukraine, People’s Artist of Ukraine, the laureate of Shevchenko National Prize, the bearer of the Order of the Badge of Honor and the Order of Merit of the 3rd Class and the member of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine. He graduated from the Lviv State Conservatory named after M. Lysenko (composition course by professors S. Lyudkevych, R. Symovych and A. Soltys) and completed post-graduate course in Moscow State Conservatory named after P. Tchaikovsky (course by professor D. Kabalevskiy). In 1963 he started teaching music theory in composition in Lviv State Conservatory and in 1966 he continued his educational work in Kiyv Conservatory named after P. Tchaikovsky. Since 1968 he has been the secretary of the National Union of Composers of Ukraine and since 1984 he has been the professor of the National Music Academy of Ukraine named after P. Tchaikovsky, the headmaster of Composition Department in Lviv State Music Academy named after M. Lysenko and the head of the Lviv organization of the National Union of Composers of Ukraine. Since 2011 he has been the Art Director of T. Shevchenko National Opera. Myroslav Skoryk is one of the brightest representatives of the modern composers generation. His music that comprises both ethnic flavor and contemporary technique made it to the repertoire of numerous national and foreign artists. Among his works are “The Guzul Tryptych” and “The Carpathian Concert” for symphony orchestra, three Concertos for Violin and three Concertos for Piano, seven Partitas for various ensembles, two Sonatas for Violin and Piano, a multitude of works for piano. M. Skoryk wrote the film score to Paradzhanov’s “Tini Zabutykh Predkiv” (The Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”), which was included in the list of 20 best films of all times. Works by this composer are rendered in the USA, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia, Georgia, Armenia and in the Baltic countries. He usually renders them himself – as a conductor and a pianist. Skoryk has composed a number of colossal works featuring a Sacred Concerto for Mixed Choir and Soloists a capella, an opera “Moysey” based on Franko’s poem of the same name, a ballet “Caprices” by Paganini and Skoryk rendered on the stage of the National Opera of Ukraine (2006 and 2011 staging), a ballet “The Return Of Butterfly” by Puccini and Skoryk (Lviv National Theatre of Opera and Ballet named after S. Krushelnytska), a cantata “Hamaliya” based on Shevchenko’s poems for mixed choir, soloists and symphony orchestra, Concertos № 3, 4, 5 for Violin with Orchestra. M. Skoryk is the initiator and co-founder of many international music festivals, such as “Music of the Ukrainian Abroad”, American and Ukrainian Music Days in Lviv, “The Victims of Holodomor Tribute - Ukrainian Composers” and the international contemporary music festival “Contrasts”. He also headed the jury of the international music festival “Kyiv Music Fest”.