Stanislav Tsema


Born in Crimea, in the town of Gurzuf. As a child he started singing in the children’s choir of the “Artek” camp. Nowadays he is stydying at the vocal faculty of the A.V.Nezhdanova Odessa National Academy of Music. During his studies he won numerous awards at international and Ukrainian competitions, including the Borys Hmyria vocalists competition (Dnipro, 2013), ˮThe Art of the 21st Centuryˮ competition (Kyiv, 2016), Oksana Petrusenko Competition (Kherson, 2017). Currently he is working on the parts of Romeo from the ˮThe Capulets and the Montaguesˮ opera by V. Bellini, Arsace from the ˮSemiramideˮ opera by G. Rossini, Rinaldo from the “Rinaldo” opera by G.F. Handel and Cherubino from the ˮLe nozze di Figaroˮ opera by W.A. Mozart.