Modest Menzinsky
Education, work activities and repertoire parties

Modest Mencinsky (1875-1935) – famous tenor, which Europe had known as a great Wagner singer.
He was born in the village of Big Novosilky of Mostyska region. He studied at the professor Valery Vysotsky’s conservatory.
He made his debut in 1901 in Frankfurt playing the role of Lionel in F. Flotow’s opera “Martha”.
From 1903 to 1910 he was a soloist of opera theatre in Stockholm, visiting various European cities with performances.
He sang in the City Theatre of Lviv in 1903 and 1909.
One newspaper wrote that M. Mencinsky had had every reason to be considered one of the greatest singers of Europe: his voice was of exceptional beauty, amazing heroic timbral coloring and wide range, aligned in all registers, and he sang with extraordinary ease. His looks, posture, height and build suited perfectly for heroic characters as well.