#StandwithUkraine: Collaboration with Leszek Mądzik, outstanding Polish new designer and theater director

Leszek Mądzik is an outstanding Polish new designer and theater director, artist, photographer, and professor of fine arts.
At the Lviv National Opera, the director is preparing a production of Mozart’s Requiem. The premiere is scheduled for the last day of November this year. Despite the war in Ukraine, work on the play continues.

“I heard from the management of the Lviv Opera that in this situation we have to new this work,” Leszek Mądzik said on Polish Radio Kielce.

Mozart’s composition will be the background for the Holodomor, artificially caused by the communist government of the USSR 90 years ago. On this occasion, the artist made a statement in which he expresses his support for the Ukrainian people.

To watch video: https://www.radio.kielce.pl/wiadomosci/leszek-madzik-mimo-wojny-wystawi-we-lwowie-requiem-wideo,154762

“This is a chance for me to join the support of Ukrainians together with the whole team of the Lviv Opera. And this play that I would like to create is not a gift, but a sacrifice that I want to make with my work. Time has shown that in this difficult situation, we, the artists, can help in our own way. “