Łukasz Goik, General Director of the Silesian Opera in Bytom (Opera Śląska) (Poland) expressed his sincere support for the Ukrainian people during the war

 «Our hearts are with you! What is happening in your country has shaken the whole world so I want to promise you that we will do our best to support you in any and all possible ways.
From the very first moment, we try to act and help your fellow citizens as much as we can:
✅We support the families of the Ukrainian artist on different levels – we have joined forces and we managed to organize transport and residence (both permanent and temporary) for over 20 people. New refugees are still coming and we will be helping them as long as they need be.
✅ The artists of the Silesian Opera participate in the artistic project to demonstrate unity with our Friends from Ukraine, e.g. charity concert “Solidarity with Ukraine” in St. Mary’s Church in Bytom.
✅ We fully sympathize with the Ukrainian nation. During concerts and artistic events the Silesian Opera – as a gesture of solidarity – presents national symbols of Ukraine.
✅ As a gesture of support, the Silesian Opera organizes a concert with the participation of our Ukrainian artists – soloists: Ruslana Koval, Nataliia Stepanyak, Stanislaw Kuflyuk, piano: Larysa Czaban, Sofia and Roman Marchenko, which will be held on 26th March in the Adam Didur Concert Hall.
✅We object to russian politics and that is why we introduced changes to our repertoire and removed any performances related to Russian authors. The planned premiere of “Mozart and Salieri” by Rimsky-Korsakov scheduled for April will not take place nor will it be newd during the Saaremaa Festival.
✅We removed not only the russian oeuvre, but we also withdrew from any cooperation with Russian artists. We do not want to promote the culture of the country which destroys the culture of our neighbors.
✅We try to share the true information about the war among the russians that we know as we want to act against Putin’s propaganda.
✅We introduce free classes for Ukrainian children so that at least for a little while they are able to distract themselves from the nightmare of war and enjoy their childhood.
✅All my employees who want to engage themselves and help Ukraine have my full support and help.
Both I and my employees are engaged in helping by participating in fundraising for Ukraine, by helping equip transports sent to your country as well as by personally supporting those who manage to flee from war to Poland, even if our country is only a stopover on their way.
Additionally, we – the artists, employees, and me – would like to organize specific help for you and your families, artists, and employees of the opera and philharmonics.
We are all very much engaged and we are there to help you. We do hope that this terrible war will end soon.
We pray for you and our thoughts are with you. Stay safe! Slava Ukrajini! Glory to Ukraine!»
Łukasz Goik,
Director of Silesian Opera in Bytom (Opera Śląska)
❤️We are sincerely grateful for the support and assistance to Ukraine during the war!
На зображенні може бути: текст «OPERA ŚLĄSKA W BYTOMIU OPERA ŚLĄSKA DLA UKRAINY 26 marca 2022 godz. 18.00 WYSTĄPIĄ: Soliści, Chór i Orkiestra Opery Śląskiej w Bytomiu»
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