Dear colleagues!

Lviv National Opera presents you with our compliments.

On February 24, 2022, a war had broken out in Europe and the world shuddered: Russia invaded Ukraine. Every day, we Ukrainians guard Europe’s borders at the cost of our lives.

We are sincerely grateful for numerous letters, messages and phone calls from our foreign partners. We are glad that Lviv National Opera has friends on all continents who are ready to act and help.

We offer you the suggestions for support, which we believe are most sensible at this time:

  1. Make a video on your or behalf of your organization:

– express support for the Ukrainian people;

– condemn the military aggression of the Russian Federation, which kills innocent civilians in Ukraine every day, including children, and destroys the infrastructure of many Ukrainian cities;

– call the leaders of your states for decisive action, urge your fellow citizens to go to the demonstrations to stop the Russian aggression now and prevent human casualties. Call for tough economic sanctions against the Russian Federation;

– call for Ukraine’s accession to the EU (President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi signed an application for Ukraine’s membership in the EU on 28 February) as a country that protects the lives of European citizens and the sovereignty of EU member states.

We will post your video on our official website, YouTube theatre channel and social networks.

We also kindly ask you to share it. The whole world must know the truth!

Address by Vasyl Vovkun, General Director-Artistic Director of the Lviv National Opera:

  1. You or your colleagues can transfer funds to support the Ukrainian military forces and citizens:

– National Bank of Ukraine: 

– Return Alive Foundation:

We ask you to check carefully all the information and not to become a victim of information fraud or conmen who may take advantage of the situation for their purposes. Please check the people who are involved in the humanitarian aid.

  1. Stop cooperation and demand the introduction of cultural sanctions for the Russian Federation on the international level: cancel all projects involving the Russian Federation and projects funded by Russia, as well as stop cooperation with artists who openly support the Vladimir Putin regime.
  2. Lviv National Opera creates a music library Stand with Ukraine on the official website with the scores of Ukrainian composers. There you can find notes available for free which we offer to perform at the concerts in support of the Ukrainian people. You can also perform the National Anthem of Ukraine before a concert or opera, as the Metropolitan Opera and the Royal Danish Theatre have already done.

For video submission and coordination, we provide contacts at Lviv National Opera: (Stefaniia, Information Department) (Ostap, Department of International Cooperation)


Sincerely yours,

general director-artistic director of Lviv National Opera                                           Vasyl Vovkun