Visit to the theater

Мій день у Львівській опері

Visit to the theater

Dear friends!

Lviv National Opera invites you to spend unforgettable day in Lviv in an elegant theater atmosphere, enjoying the beauty of Lviv Opera, a unique pearl on the world’s artistic map.

 – We invite your children or grandchildren under 12 to discover our theatre on a theatrical excursion “Steps to Parnassus”.

 – Our wonderful mirror hall is at your disposal for professional celebrations, award ceremonies, chamber concerts or conferences.

 – We offer your personal tours to get to know our theatre and its history better.

 – Finally, to feel harmony with art, we invite you to attend the performance, before which you will have an opportunity to see the unique Curtain “Parnassus” by H. Siemiradzki (every Sunday on display).

Feel the symphony of life in Lviv National Opera! 

Lviv National Opera access rules during the quarantine

These Rules are established to carry out the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (July 22, 2020, № 641) “On the introduction of quarantine and the stepping up anti-epidemic measures in the area with a significant spread of acute respiratory disease COVID-19 caused by coronavirus SARS -CoV-2” and Provisional Recommendations on the organization of anti-epidemic measures during cultural and artistic activities for the period of quarantine to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), approved by the resolution of Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine (06.06.2020 № 35), amended by the resolution of Chief State Sanitary Doctor of Ukraine (01.07.2020 № 38).

During your visit to the theatre (attending performances, concerts, guided tours, or any events taking place in Lviv National Opera), please observe the following rules:

  • cashless transactions are recommended when buying tickets at the theatre box office; you can also buy tickets online on our official website;
  • spectators who attend theatre alone should buy a ticket for a separate seat (with adjacent seats empty);
  • during your entire visit, the use of a facemask is mandatory;
  • body temperature measurement will be required. If it is above 37.2°, entry will not be allowed. In this case, we strongly recommend you to visit your family doctor. If a visitor refuses to leave the theatre, the administration should inform the police;
  • hand sanitizers are provided near the box office, at the entrance, in the cloakrooms and restrooms;
  • to ensure the safety of visitors in the auditorium, seating arrangements are spaced to ensure appropriate social distancing of 1.5 m. It is prohibited to sit next to other visitors or to take other seat then indicated in your ticket. Seats that should not be occupied are indicated by restrictive tapes;
  • relatives or family members can stay in a box while purchasing three or more tickets. Besides relatives or family members (maximum 4) can sit together within a defined area (stalls, row 2-5);
  • keeping interpersonal distance according to the floor markings in the theatre foyer, restrooms and cloakrooms is advisable to discourage congregating in the theatre;
  • adhere to the developed schemes of entrance and exit to the theatre and auditorium to discourage congregating in the theatre;
  • refrain from presenting flowers to actors. Your ovation is the most valuable gift.

From October 18 2021, according to the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine № 1236 and the decision of the State Commission on Technogenic and Environmental Safety and Emergencies (protocol № 39), to visit Lviv Opera, all audience members are required to:

– provide your proof of vaccination against Covid-19;
– OR provide COVID-19 PCR test or Antigen rapid test made within 72 hours before your visit;  
– OR provide an appropriate document on recovery from COVID-19; the document should be verified through the Unified state web portal of electronic services, in particular by Diia app.
Children and teenagers under 18 do not currently need to provide proof of vaccination to visit us.

We wish you a pleasant and safe visit to Lviv National Opera!


Rules of Attendance of the Lviv National Opera

Upon purchasing tickets for the events taking place in the Theatre, visitors agree to the following Rules of Attendance and are obliged to comply with them.

Visitors shall behave in accordance with the rules of public order, theatre etiquette and fire safety.

While in the Theatre, visitors shall use its property with care. Any material losses incurred by the Theatre are subject to reimbursement according to rules set by the current legislation of Ukraine.

Our administrators greet you in the foyer and guide you to the magnificent building of the theatre: If you have the right side seats, the theatre staff guides you to the cloak room on the right side of the theatre, acording to your seating zone (parterre, balcony, box) that is printed on your ticket, where you can leave the outer garment, hat, umbrella or backpack. If you have the left side seats, you are welcomed to the left side.

Should a visitor lose a cloakroom badge, he/she shall reimburse its cost.

Should a visitor lose any of his/her personal belongings, he/she shall contact the cloakroom attendant or the administrator on duty.

According to the Law of Ukraine on Theatres and theatre craft (Article 12 of Section II), it is allowed to return a pre-purchased ticket with subsequent refund no later than an hour before the performance commencement.

The Theatre administration reserves its right to change the artist line-up without prior notice. Line-up changes are not considered a valid reason for returning tickets, unless a solo concert or a recital is the case.

In case of a performance cancellation, the Theatre provides a full refund for the purchased tickets.

The visitors shall keep their tickets until the end of a performance.

Should a visitor damage his/her ticket badly or lose it, he/she is not allowed to the performance. Obtaining a ticket copy or getting a refund is not envisaged. The Theatre administration does not bear responsibility for forged tickets and does not consider any complaints concerning the latter.

It is possible for the children aged 6 or more to visit evening performances, provided that they are escorted by adults and have their own tickets. Children under the age of 4, escorted by adults, are allowed to the morning performances for free – however, they are not provided with a separate seat.

People with limited physical abilities are strongly advised to contact the Theatre administration while planning their visit by the following number: (032) 255-49-60.

The visitors are allowed to the Theatre no earlier than 45 minutes prior to the performance commencement. Entering the auditorium is permitted after the first bell and is prohibited after the performance commencement. Should a visitor be late, he/she shall take a seat, proposed by the administrator. It is possible to move to the seat specified in the ticket later during the intermission.

During a performance, all the communication devices must be turned off or switched to silence/vibration mode.

In order to preserve copyrights and allied rights, taking photos or recording video/audio of the performance or its parts without a special permit of the Theatre administration is prohibited.

The visitors who want to present flowers to the artists shall give the bouquets with written notes specifying the receiver to the administrators who shall present them after the performance.

The visitors are allowed to stay in the Theatre no longer than 20 minutes after the end of a performance.

Entering the Theatre being dressed inappropriately is prohibited.

It is prohibited to enter the auditorium for a visitor, who is:

  • wearing outer garments
  • carrying any foods or drinks
  • inebriated or intoxicated in any other way
  • carrying weapons, explosive, flammable, poisonous, radioactive substances, thrusting sharp objects, items emitting strong smell and/or pyrotechnics.
  • carrying big luggage (suitcase, etc.)
  • carrying animals.

According to the Law of Ukraine on the Prohibition of smoking in public places dated 16.12.2012, it is strictly prohibited to smoke inside the Theatre.

The visitors violating the rules are not allowed to the auditorium and shall leave the Theatre without getting a ticket refund.

The information concerning the performance schedule can be received in the Theatre box offices or by calling the following numbers: (032) 255-49-60,,

Complaints and proposals are to be sent to the following e-mail address: or expressed via phone by calling (032) 255-49-60.