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Lviv National Opera expresses gratitude for the words of support to our foreign partners!

At this difficult time, the team of the Lviv National Opera expresses gratitude for the words of support and a clear position to our foreign partners!
We receive a large number of messages and phone calls from around the world: from Poland, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Turkey, Korea, Belgium, Egypt, USA, etc. Directors of European theaters, associations, foundations, international competitions, festivals, conductors call and write to us, as well as the directors, set designers, choreographers, impresarios, and performers, etc., with whom there was fruitful cooperation.
They believe in our victory, offer help, plan to organize fundraising projects to support Ukraine, offer shelter in their homes and families, and pray for us!
Their words sound true, often the voice swells with tamed tears.
Lviv National Opera has friends and reliable, trustworthy partners in the international arena!
We sincerely ask our foreign colleagues to address the international community, including the artistic community, condemning Russia’s military actions against Ukraine, as well as demanding an end to the war against our people!
Together to victory!

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