The Creation of the World

A. Petrov
The Creation of the World
90 Minutes.

The ballet about the creation of the Earth and the first people – Adam and Eve, with the fascinating set design of Yevhen Lysyk is a majestic work about the birth and trial of humanity, about the reflections on the future of the world.

Set design, created by Yevhen Lysyk (1930-1991), who worked in Lviv Opera in 1960-1990, belongs to the Golden artistic heritage of the theatre. Restaging of the ballet is dedicated to the 90th birth anniversary of the artist.

Choreography by M. Zaslavskyi, edited by Herman Isupov 

Libretto by N. Kasatkina and V. Vasyliov, edited by V. Yelizariev and Ye. Lysyk

Sound recording are used


Диригент капітального поновлення

Yuriy Berveckyy Honored artist of Ukraine


Yevhen Lysyk People's Artist of Ukraine, Laureate of the Shevchenko National Prize

Балетмейстер капітального поновлення

Sergyj Naenko Honored Artist of Ukraine

Художник капітального поновлення

Tadey Ryndzak People's Artist of Ukraine

Костюми капітального поновлення

Oksana Zinchenko Honored Artist of Ukraine


Iryna Koval

The Creation of the World

In the darkness of primordial chaos angels are flying among the clouds waiting for God. Devil is loafing about. The Creator appears.

Eden has been created but it is still uninhabited. God creates man in His image and likeness. Adam is innocent and helpless like a child. Devil tries to entrap him in Hell but God stands up for His creature. There is a struggle between God and Devil and God is victorious.

Adam is bored. Devil offers him a pretty Devil Lady but God saves the man from the temptation. Adam complains of loneliness and God creates a friend for him. Eve drives away his boredom. They are playing and enjoying themselves. But Devil puts Adam and Eve on the new trials because he wants to have power over the people entrapping them with temptations.

Adam and Eve embrace each other and the unknown feeling of excitement seize them.   They fall in love.

Devil follows Adam and Eve wishing to draw them in Hell. He causes a great disaster that destroys every living thing on the Earth. Mankind is threatened with death. But Adam and Eve gather their last strength and save the humankind by sacrificing their lives. Evil retreats. Earth awakes and flourishes. Mankind strides confidently into the future.

About show
Короткий опис

Since the premiere in 1971 in Mariinsky Theater, the ballet “Creation of the World” composed by Andrii Petrov (1930-2006) has been staged many times in different countries – Russia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Hungary, Germany and USA. The ballet was presented in Lviv Opera on July 30, 1972, one year after the world premiere. Lviv premiere of the ballet was the first one in Ukraine. It is the third grand restaging of the ballet in Lviv Opera with the original set design of Yevhen Lysyk and it is dedicated to the 90th birth anniversary of the artist.

The plot of the ballet is based on a series of biblical drawings created by the French painter and caricaturist Jean Effel. The artist created a humorous comic book with God, Angels, Satan, Adam and Eve as the main characters on the base of the sequence of events of the Old Testament. The humorous presentation of biblical stories was ideologically acceptable in the USSR, as it was believed that humour was ridiculing religion as “childish delusion of mankind”. Therefore, the ballet with a biblical plot, but at the same time with comic and shallow characters, was performed at the Soviet stage.

The first production of the ballet in Lviv was staged by the choreographer Mykhailo Zaslavskyi, conductor Semen Arbit and set designer Yevhen Lysyk. It was Yevhen Lysyk who decided to change the basic concept of the performance.

He immediately abandoned the comic aspect of ballet and presented to the audience a majestic picture of the creation of the world and its philosophical generalization – the formation and the trial of humanity as well as thoughts about its future.

Newly created Earth is depicted on a grand backdrop in its pristine beauty as a tiny planet covered with wildflowers and surrounded with the wings of swallows and butterflies. It is a grain of life that will germinate despite the sins and temptations, will walk through the circles of hell (which are accurately represented in the scenographic design of the performance) and will get acquainted with the world. In the drop scene, Mother Earth is depicted as a pale and bleak woman with a child-humanity in a tight embrace. The image of the Mother Earth resembles the Mother of God, who holds tightly her loving child who is called to suffer. All the pain and despair of the Mother, who foresees the catastrophe, is expressed in her solemn eyes, which, according to contemporaries, Lysyk created with great tension.

The music of the ballet is by far not light and comic. To portray main characters and to highlight the contrast of celestial and infernal figurative spheres, the composer used various musical means.

The primordial chaos that preceded the creation of the Earth is depicted by musical “chaos” – some orchestral improvisation and the predominance of percussion instruments. The music that accompanies God and the Angels is transparent and melodic, with unremitting polyphony. Ballet scenes of Satan and his entourage are atonal with constantly pulsating sharp rhythm. During the creation and “first steps” of Adam, seven notes (do–re–mi–fa–sol–la–si) sound one by one, as if the basis of the music (seven notes) is personified with the creation of the first man. The enchanting melody of the creation of the first woman Eve is beautiful and romantic. The melody unfolds from the first “fragile” notes to a grand symphonic sound.

It is the musical context of the composition, which is devoid of the humorous effect of the libretto, that enabled the directors to interpret this work more deeply. This is the embodiment of the idea of ​​a constant ecological threat to our planet and the existence of humanity in general.

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