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Stabat Mater

Stabat Mater
60 minutes.

The grieving Mother stood under the cross…

On Good Friday, the most mournful day of the year, Lviv National Opera presents a composition based on a plot that, during many centuries, has repeatedly become the basis for many compositions. “Stabat Mater” is the most famous musical representation of the suffering of the Virgin Mary, who stands near the cross of her crucified son Jesus Christ.

The religious motif is presented in the work of modern Ukrainian composer Oleksandr Rodin. His “Stabat mater” was influenced by the tragic events on Independence Square during the Revolution of Dignity.

The image of a grieving mother mourning her child has now taken on new, painful meanings for all of us. The author says:

“Of course, it was a direct response to what is happening around us, with us. And as a result, I saw a global connection between the past and the present. Have the feelings of a mother who has lost her son changed since Christ and the Virgin Mary? Music was born from this question.”

Lviv National Opera presents “Stabat Mater” by O. Rodin for the first time.

The program features:
Oleksandr Rodin. “Stabat Mater”

Mariana Mazur – soprano
Anastasiia Polishchuk – mezzo-soprano
Chamber Orchestra of Lviv National Opera
Violin solo  – Oleksandr Bozhyk
Conductor – Iryna Stasyshyn

 Director – Vasyl Vovkun

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