Der Zigeunerbaron

Der Zigeunerbaron

Operetta in 3 acts

Language: ukrainian


Mykhailo Dutchak People’s Artist of Ukraine


Iryna Stasyshyn


Roman Valjko


Sergyj Naenko Honored Artist of Ukraine


Mykhailo Ryndzak People's Artist of Ukraine

Художник костюмів

Oksana Zinchenko Honored Artist of Ukraine


Vasyl Koval Winner of Ukrainian competition

Iryna Koval

Act 1

The young baron Sandor Barinkay who is the heir of great possessions returns home with his servant Istvan.  The rumor is that Sandor was killed in the duel in Vienna.  Young baron returns after long voyage to his native land where gypsies’ camp which is governed by Czipra and her ward beautiful Saffi is settled.

Everyone considers Sandor to be dead.  So pig farmer Zsupan takes the chance and misappropriates baron’s mansion.  To improve his status Zsupan wants to force his only daughter Arsena to marry corruptible Royal Commissioner Carnero.  However Arsena protests because she is in love with her father’s employee Ottokar.

The pig farmer is also annoyed with gipsy’s arrival.  While Zsupan is arguing with gypsies, baron Sandor Barinkay, who is the true owner of those lands, arrives.  Zsupan claims Sandor to be an impostor.

Barinkay is irritated.  He offers Ottokar and Arsena his help and protection.  Seeing beautiful gypsy girl Saffi Sandor falls in love with her.  To protect gypsies from Zsupan Sandor agrees to become their governor – the Gipsy baron.



Act 2

Sandor plans to play a trick on egoistic and arrogant Zsupan.  All gypsies, beloved young couple, Zsupan’s servants and his housekeeper Mirabella who is in love with baron’s servant Istvan support him.  Zsupan has a date with pretty Saffi but old Czipra comes instead.  Everybody takes part in this plot.  Meanwhile foolish Carnero is caught stealing the best Zsupan’s pig he thought to be the Arsena’s dowry.  Enchanted with Saffi’s beauty and wit Barinkay declares his love.  According to gypsies’ custom baron’s new friends are celebrating their engagement.

Zsupan and Carnero charge both Barinkai and Istvan.  One is charged with imposture and law violation, the other with stealing of the pigs.  Zsupan and Cornero sentence Barenkai and Istvan to imprisonment and force gypsies to leave those lands forever.


Act 3

Celebrating his victory Zsupan meets count Homonay who is a new governor of the province.  Zsupan boasts about his victory over “criminals”.  Suddenly it turned out that Barinkay is count’s nephew and Saffi is a daughter of Homonay who was lost long ago when a child.  Happy father gives his blessing for Saffi and Barinkay marriage.  Getting her father’s permission Arsena gets married with Ottocar.  Mirabella is happy with Istvan.  Now gypsies have protection of count Homonay and the real Gypsy baron Sandor Barinkay.

About show

The operetta “The Gypsy Baron” is an example of the beautiful, cheerful musical comedy composed by “The Waltz King” Johann Strauss. Gypsy songs and dances give unique colouring to the operetta.

   The operetta takes place in Hungary in the 18th century. The main theme of the play is the love story of Baron Barinkay and the gypsy girl Saffi. The intrigues and plots of foes give way to the pure romantic love of the young heroes.

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Sándor Barinkay

Oleh Lykhach People’s Artist of Ukraine

Vasyl Sadovskyj winner of the Ukrainian competition


Lyubov Kachala Honored Artist of Ukraine

Luydmyla Ostash winner of the international competition

Kálmán Zsupán

Vitalij Zagorbenskyj winner of the international competition

Dmytro Kokotko


Tetyana Vakhnovska Honored artist of Ukraine

Yana Voytyuk Honored Artist of Ukraine


Petro Radeyko winner of the international competition

Yuriy Shevchuk winner of the international competition


Anastasiya Kornutyak winner of the international competition

Nataliya Kuryltsiv


Vitaliy Voytko

Oleh Lanovyy winner of the international competition

Andriy Savka

Oleg Sadetsky Honored artist of Ukraine


Nataliya Velychko Honored Artist of Ukraine

Nataliya Datsko Honored Artist of Ukraine

Count Peter Homonay

Orest Sydir Honored Artist of Ukraine

Yuriy Trytsetskyy Honored artist of Ukraine

Conte Carnero

Roman Kovalchuk Honored Artist of Ukraine

Volodymyr Chibisov winner of the international competition

Pali, a gypsy

Roland Marchuk

Ihor Mikhnevych

Ruslan Feranz

print*The theater reserves the right to replace performers
11 September 2017
print*The theater reserves the right to replace performers