«La fille mal gardée»/ Dress rehearsal

P. Hertel
La fille mal gardée. Dress rehearsal
Ballet-vaudeville in 2 acts
120 Minutes.

Libretto by Jean Dauberval

Come and witness the much-awaited return of the beloved ballet classics on stage! We cordially invite you to the premiere of the new theatre season, featuring the timeless masterpiece “La fille mal gardée” by Peter Hertel.

“La fille mal gardée” is one of the most beautiful, light and comedic works in the history of ballet. It is the oldest performance in the repertoire of the world’s opera houses, having successfully entertained audiences for over two centuries!
Immerse yourself in the heartfelt love story of Lise and Colas, who, despite the overprotective nature of Lise’s mother, Marcelina, are determined to find a way to be together.

The stage will be filled with playful flirts and comical situations between the mother, daughter and her suitors, infused with good irony and genuine humour. The delightful music of Peter Hertel and the artistry of classical ballet will be the perfect accompaniment.

Don’t miss out on the much-needed moments of joy that “La fille mal gardée” brings. Experience it in all its glory in the new production by Lviv National Opera!

The new production of “La fille mal gardée” features music by Peter Hertel, as well as interlude numbers by Adolphe Adam and Ferdinand Herold.


Serhiy Bondur People’s Artist of Ukraine


Yurii Bervetskyi Honored artist of Ukraine


Tadey Ryndzak People's Artist of Ukraine

Художниця костюмів

Zhanna Maletska

Художник світла

Оlexander Mezentsev

Act 1

Scene One

A small village in France. The house of the wealthy lady Marcelina. The sun is rising.

Marcelina’s daughter, Lise, has fallen in love with Colas, but their relationship is kept secret due to Marcelina’s disapproval. Before their planned meeting, Lise left a ribbon from her corset on the door of the stable where she fed the chickens the day before, as a sign of her affection towards Colas.

Later, Colas notices the ribbon and realizes his beloved is nearby. The two lovers meet, but their meeting is interrupted by Marcelina, who chases Colas away. To prevent the next meeting, the mother forces Lise to do the housework and keeps a close eye on her. The girl has to clean the yard and whip cream. Colas does not lose hope and tries to meet his beloved.

Lise’s friend come to invite her to the field, but Marcelina is against it, as she is expecting guests. A wealthy burgher, Thomas, appears with his eccentric son Nikez and asks for Lise’s hand in marriage. Thomas offers Marcelina a bag of money. Greedy Marcelina agrees and wants to bless the newlyweds, but Lise runs away to be with her beloved Colas.

Scene Two

In the field, the peasants are busy with harvesting, and Colas is among them. Lise rushes to meet them but does not notice her lover because he is in the crowd. Then suddenly, Colas appears, and the couple reunites. Unfortunately, their happiness is short-lived as Marcelina, Thomas, and Nikez arrive soon after. Colas suggests that Lise hide among the sheaves, but they are eventually discovered. The mother wants to bless Nikez and Lise, but a sudden thunderstorm interrupts the ceremony, and everyone takes shelter from the rain.

Act II

Scene One

Marcelina’s house. When Lise and her mother returned from the field, Marcelina made her daughter spin and closed the door so she wouldn’t run away. The old lady then started to decorate the wedding veil for her daughter and later fell asleep.

Colas appears. Lise is happy and tells him that her mother locked the door and hid the key in her pocket. The girl tries to get the key, but in vain, so she communicates with her lover through the door.

Outside, a commotion is heard; the peasants brought sheaves and put them in the shock where Colas is hiding. After Marcelina leaves the house to see off the guests, Lisa is alone and dreams of her lover. Suddenly, she became scared because she saw Colas among the sheaves. But it was a happy surprise, and the lovers exchanged their kerchiefs.

Marcelina returns. Lise hides Colas in her room and continues to work. Marcelina becomes suspicious when she sees Colas’ scarf around her daughter’s neck. Thomas and Nikez are due to arrive soon, so the mother locks Lise in the room. She is happy with the thought of a profitable marriage.

Later, the Notary, Thomas, Nikez and the villagers come to formalize the marriage. Marcelina ceremoniously hands Nikez the key to Lise’s room. The door opens. At the entrance are Lisa and Colas, who are asking for a blessing from her mother. Marcelina initially refuses but later agrees, returning Thomas his money.

Scene Two

Villagers welcome the wedding party outside the church. Lise tosses her bouquet, caught by Nikez. Thomas returns money to Marcelina money and asks for her hand in marriage. The wedding concludes with a lavish celebration.

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