Yaroslav Voshchak
Wykształcenie, praca oraz partie repertuarowe

Yaroslav Voshchak (1921-1989) worked in Lviv for almost twenty years – first as a choirmaster, a conductor, and since 1953 as chief conductor and artistic director.
He was characterized by perfect knowledge of each score (some plays he conducted from memory), delicate sense of musical form, high demands on himself and all creative workers.
He boldly set about pre-reading works of contemporary Ukrainian composers, including ballets “Shawl of Dovbush”, “Jay’s wing” by A. Kos-Anatolsky, operas “Song of the Forest” by V. Kireyko, “Stolen Luck” by Y. Meytus and others.
For the time when the theatre had been under the direction of People’s Artiste of USSR Y. Voschak, Lviv opera and ballet were in a state of great prosperity.