Lviv National Opera broadcasts the best pieces of Ukrainian music: proceeds from the sale of online tickets will be used to purchase medical equipment to save the lives of Ukrainians

At the beginning of May, Lviv National Opera, in cooperation with the partner “Kontramarka”, presented the charity project “TOGETHER WITH UKRAINE” – a series of online concerts and performances of the most famous Ukrainian composers broadcast from the auditorium of the theatre. With this series, for the first time in Ukraine, Lviv National Opera has launched the sale of online tickets: viewers worldwide can join the broadcast.

The raised money will be donated to the charity and support the Ukrainian people and culture, particularly for the Military Medical Clinical Center of the Western Region, which requires the purchase of resuscitation equipment. Every month, modern equipment can save hundreds of lives of our defenders and civilians who have been wounded during the Russian-Ukrainian war.

After the first online concert on May 6, which featured B. Lyatoshynsky’s Symphony №3, UAH 148,170 were raised. More than 400 tickets were purchased by spectators from Ukraine, Latvia, Great Britain, Poland, Italy, Lithuania and other countries. During the Symphony, the survived actors from Mariupol Drama Theater, who fled the horrors of war, gave a performance. In such a way, the artists tried to draw attention to the war crimes of the Russian army in Mariupol.

The next online cultural event will feature the feerie (folk opera-ballet) “When the Fern Blooms” by contemporary Ukrainian composer Yevhen Stankovych. The show will be broadcast live from the new of Lviv National Opera on May 20 at 19:00 (18:00 Central European Summer Time).

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Folk-opera-ballet by Yevhen Stankovych, “When the Fern Blooms”, shows a unique Ukrainian rite of the summer solstice (the pagan Kupala Night) and describes the key historical events of the struggle of the Ukrainian people. This impressive performance combines solo and choral singing, modern choreography and a vibrant show enhanced with video projection. Performers of the feerie are the soloists Liudmyla Korsun, Mykhailo Malafii, choir, ballet and orchestra of Lviv National Opera conducted by the People’s Artist of Ukraine Volodymyr Sirenko.

“When the Fern Blooms” is a brilliant national modern work in Ukrainian culture that has survived decades of oblivion, banned by the Soviet authorities. In the mid-1970s, Yevhen Stankovych was offered to write a Ukrainian composition, which should have been performed, in particular, on a guest tour at the Grand Opera in Paris. However, the premiere of the feerie did not take place at the insistence of the authorities. The long-awaited grand premiere of the feerie took place only in 2017 at Lviv National Opera, directed by Vasyl Vovkun and conducted by Volodymyr Sirenko. Since then, the work has not only become a showpiece of Lviv Opera but also presents Ukrainian culture on various European websites with the latest opera and theatre productions such as Opera Vision and Dramox.

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In the future, the series of online concerts “TOGETHER WITH UKRAINE” will feature choral concerts by Dmytro Bortnyansky (May 28).
The project is launched with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, the State Agency of Ukraine for Arts and Art Education, and the National Union of Theatre Actors of Ukraine. Media partner – FM “Galychyna”.