“In memory of the Invincible”. Dedicated to the anniversary of the full-scale Russian invasion Lviv National Opera invites you to commemorate victims of war

A year of fierce struggle, a year of fateful days and sleepless nights, a year of sad losses, but also a year of strength, courage, bravery, and, most importantly, faith in Victory! On February 22, on the eve of the first anniversary of the full-scale Russian invasion, Lviv National Opera invites you to join the commemoration of the fallen soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and all the innocents whose lives were cynically taken by russia.

The event was arranged by the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine and Lviv National Opera. It will be recorded by “Radio Kultura” and passed to the European Broadcasting Union for broadcast by European radio stations. On February 24, “Radio Kultura” will broadcast a recording of the concert “In memory of the Invincible”.

Soloists, choir and orchestra of Lviv National Opera present the requiem concert featuring “Requiem” by Giuseppe Verdi, one of the most dramatic compositions of world classics, full of emotions, pain and faith. Renowned opera singers Sofiia Solovii – soprano; Anastasiia Polishchuk – mezzo-soprano; Maksym Vorochek – tenor; and Taras Berezhanskyi – bass, will perform in the concert. Choirmaster – Vadym Yatsenko.

Also, the program features the work of the Ukrainian composer Viktoriia Poliova “Bucha. Lacrimosa”, created in memory of the innocent victims who tragically died at the hands of the Russian invaders in Bucha. The famous violinist, Honoured Artist of Ukraine Marko Komonko, will perform the violin solo in the composition.

The renowned Canadian conductor of Ukrainian origin Keri-Lynn Wilson will conduct the concert. In the summer of 2022, in collaboration with the Metropolitan Opera and the Polish National Opera, she led the world tour “Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra”, during which Ukrainian musicians performed in the largest cities of Europe and America.

Among the members of the company were musicians of the orchestra of Lviv National Opera: Andrii Tchaikovskyi, Marta Semchyshyn, Viktor Semchyshyn, Anna Bura (violin), Yurii Khvostov, Yevhen Marchuk (oboe, English horn), Nataliia Konovalenko (harp).

The Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine and the State Agency of Ukraine for Arts and Artistic Education supported the concert tour. The purpose of the world tour was to raise funds to support Ukrainian artists.

The event will take place on February 22 at 18:00.

Buy tickets: https://opera.lviv.ua/shows/pam-yati-neskorenyh/