Ukrainian Cossack In The Exile

S. Hulak-Artemovskiy
Ukrainian Cossack In The Exile
18:00 - 20:00.

Opera in 3 acts

Language: original language

Libretto by S. Hulak-Artemowsky


Mykhailo Dutchak People’s Artist of Ukraine


Iryna Stasyshyn


Mykhailo Ryndzak народний художник України

Художник костюмів

Лариса Кузьмик


Vasyl Koval лауреат всеукраїнського конкурсу

Act 1

The life of Ukrainian Cossacks and their families in exile in Ottoman Empire is hard.  An orphan Oksana who lives with the family of a Cossack Ivan Karas’ dreams about her motherland and native the Dnipro River banks.  She waits for her beloved Andriy, Cossack who has to arrive from Ukraine.  Ivan Karas’ returns home slightly drunk.  He was at the secret meeting with Cossacks who decided to escape and return home.  Not knowing about it Odarka quarrels with her husband.

Act 2

It is great Muslim celebration – the Feats of Breaking the Fast.  Walking in the village, charmed by its beauty, Sultan stops near the house of Ivan Karas’.  He decides to talk to Cossacks to see how they live and to find out their plans.  Sultan is dressed as an ordinary Turkish man in order not to be recognized.  Ivan Karas’ is surprised when he sees him and asks to bring him to Sultan.  The servant Hassan brings Turkish clothes and disguised Karas’ goes to Sultan.  Oksana meets Andriy.  They decide to return to their motherland.  But they do not manage to realize their plan.

Act 3

Karas’ comes back from the palace.  He is still dressed in the Turkish clothes and Odarka does not recognize him.  Realizing that she sees her husband she starts quarreling.  They are interrupted by the Turkish guard headed by Imam.  They escort Oksana and Andriy.  Everybody is shocked.  However Imam declares the Sultan’s decree of the freedom granted to all Cossacks and Andriy is free now.  Karas’ explains the reason of Sultan’s kindness.  Everybody is happy.  They are free and soon will see their native land.

About show
Короткий опис

“A Zaporozhian (Cossack) Beyond the Danube” (“Cossacks in Exile”) is the first Ukrainian opera that glorified its composer Semen Hulak-Artemovsky over Europe.

The plot of the opera brings us to Ottoman Empire.  Sultan is dressed as an ordinary Turkish man in order not to be recognized.  Once he meets Zaporozhian Cossack Ivan Karas’ and invites him to be his guest.  Cossack, not in the very least knowing whom he was visiting, asks Sultan to grant him and all the Danube Cossacks freedom.

Opera lives a full stage life due to its unique beauty and it is a solid foundation for national opera.

Запорожець -3.01.13 410-1
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Zaporoshez 312
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11 September 2017
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