The stolen happiness

Y. Meitus
The stolen happiness
opera in 3 acts

Libretto: Maxim Rylsky

Opera in 3 acts

Language: original language


Igor Latsanych People’s Artist of Ukraine and People’s Artist of Republic of Tatarstan


Mykhailo Dutchak People’s Artist of Ukraine


Fеdіr Strygun народний артист України, лауреат Національної премії України ім.Т.Шевченка


Herman Isupov People’s Artist of Ukraine


Vasyl Koval Winner of Ukrainian competition

Act 1

One winter evening neighbours got together for evening-party in precarpathian peasant Mykola Zadorozhnyj’s house. Owner himself hadn’t returned from work yet. His wife Anna is disturbed — it is already late time and husband hasn’t come. Afterwards young people go away. Neighbour Nastia told Anna, that Mykhailo Gurman, who was by all considered to be lost, appeared in this land. Once Anna swore to love him till the end of life. News about Mykhailo’s appearance sowed an alarm in her, because she is married, and at the same time gladness —her beloved is safe and sound.

Mykola returns beaten to blood by rural starosta. Mykola damns his offenders. His complaints come not deep to Anna’s consciousness, because she is under the influence of the news about Michael. Everyone, thinks about it’s own.

A gendarme Mykhailo Gurman enters. He looks suspiciously at Mykola. He asks why there are blood marks on his body. When Mykola went out, Mykhailo reminded Anna about the past. He does not accuse her, because he knows that her brothers married her by deception. Mykola’s appearance breaks their talk.

Mykola and Anna set to work in the morning. Anna is alarmed by bad dreams.  Mykola consoles her.

Starosta and gendarme enter the house unexpectedly. Babych and Nastya. All owners were killed this night in a tavern. Mykola is accused of murder and arrested. Anna is in despair. Mykhailo goes back to the house. He pulls out Anna’s declaration of love and word obeys him.

Act 2

A summer has passed already, but Mykola is not here. Strange gossips about Anna and gendarme twirl over a village. Neighbours has hated her for adultery.

Music is heard, and young people begin fun. Mykhailo is also here and he invites Anna to dance. Starosta tries to further in merriments.

But suddenly music   stops.   All present people noticed Mykola’s appearance who returned from prison. Mykhailo declares in public, that he rescued Mykola, because he caught the real criminals. Without a word Mykola went home. Anna went timidly after him under the hateful look of peasants.

Act 3

A week passed from Mykola’s returning, but all Anna’s thoughts are about Mykhailo, who she loves more than life. Gurman suddenly appears in her house. Woman in love, falls in Mykhailo’s embrace losing sense of shame. Mykola finds them in this situation. Mykhailo runs out from home and Mykola entreats wife not to trample down his honour.

Mykhailo returns in a few minutes and offers vodka to owners.

Anna and gendarme’s faces beam with happiness of love.

Mykola realizes it.

He loses the last hope to adjust the family life and return his happiness. He can’t make it up with this situation.

Mykhailo rudely packs off Mykola from his home and stays with Anna.

Offended and dishonored, Mykola decides to sink the grief in vodka — invites guests on a “goblet for lost happiness”.

Appearance of Anna and her beloved becomes reason of brawl which results in a tragedy.

Mykhailo behaves as if he is the owner of this house: beats Mykola and drives out his guests from home…” Mykola asks a gendarme ”How did you dare to drive out my guests?”. Mykhailo answers, that he has such right, because Mykola had stolen his happiness. The cruel quarrel between Zadorozhnyi and Gurman ends in murder of gendarme…

Mykhailo thanks him while dying, because life turned in torture for him long time ago.

About show

“Stolen Happiness” is one of the best contemporary Ukrainian operas; libretto by Maksym Rylsky based on the play of Ivan Franko. Music of Yulii Meitus showed extremely subtle and deep reproduction of the prominent work of Ivan Franko both in terms of revealing the psychology of human relations, representing the bright individual characteristics of the heroes, and in the skillful use of national musical folklore – from its symphonic interpretation to direct quotation of folk melodies.

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Микола Задорожний

Oleh Lykhach People’s Artist of Ukraine

Анна, його дружина

Lyubov Kachala Honored Artist of Ukraine

Lyudmyla Savchuk People`s Artist of Ukraine

Михайло Гурман

Stefan P`atnychko People`s Artist of Ukraine

Petro Radeyko winner of the international competition


Tetyana Vakhnovska winner of the international competition

Nataliya Datsko Honored Artist of Ukraine


Dmytro Kokotko

Yuriy Trytsetskyy Honored artist of Ukraine

Перша жінка

Halyna Vilkha дипломант міжнародного конкурсу

Vira Koltun

Veronika Kolomishcheva winner of the international competition

Друга жінка

Nataliya Velychko Honored Artist of Ukraine

Yana Voytyuk Honored Artist of Ukraine


Andriy Benuyk winner of the international competition

Vitalij Zagorbenskyj winner of the international competition

Petro Radeyko winner of the international competition


Vitaliy Voytko

Yuriy Hetsko

Roman Kovalchuk Honored Artist of Ukraine

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11 September 2017
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