K. Dankevych
2 h. 20 min..

Ballet in 2 acts

Libretto written by V. Chagovets. Based on poems by Taras Shevchenko


Herman Isupov People’s Artist of Ukraine


Mykhailo Dutchak People’s Artist of Ukraine


Yuriy Berveckyy Honored artist of Ukraine


Mykhailo Ryndzak People's Artist of Ukraine

Act 1

Warm summer night.  The eve of John the Baptist feast.  According to the tradition girls throw garlands of flowers onto the river to predict their future.  The most beautiful among them is Lileya.  All young men are charmed by her.  She loves Stepan, her childhood friend, and their love is mutual.  Lileya and Stepan ask the Prince permission for their engagement.  At first the Prince agrees but then, seeing the beauty of the girl, he decides to part the beloved couple; he orders to bring the girl to his castle and to take Stepan as a servant.

However the community decides to send Stepan to Zaporizhska Sich and to protect Lileya from the Prince.

Act 2

Exhausted Lileya is on the bank ok the lake.  Tired and lonely she is found by gypsies.  Lileya falls asleep and dreams strange dream: Stepan is surrounded by dancing mermaids.  But all of a sudden she awakes.

Blind folk singers – the kobzars – are approaching the lake.  Stepan is among them.  On his way to Zaporizhska Sich he was caught and blinded by the Prince’s soldiers.  The Prince appears and wants to kill Stepan.

However people come and kill the cruel Prince.  Blind Stepan calls for fight for freedom and happiness.

About show
Короткий опис

“Lileya” composed by K. Dankevych is considered to be the pearl of national choreographic art, staging Shevchenko poetic images in the ballet.  The leading idea of the ballet is the motif of “Lileya”, based on the Ukrainian folk song.  The ballet tells the story about the life of the main characters, Liley and Stepan, revealing their dreams, love, sufferings and struggle, the life of their people, who by their fiery hearts inspired them for the struggle against serfdom, and developed the trust in their victory.

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Anastasia Isupova Honored Artist of Ukraine

Viktoriya Tkach


Serhiy Kachura Honored artist of Ukraine

Andriy Mykhalikha

Yevheniy Svetlitsa Honored Artist of Ukraine


Serhij Astremsky

Vitaliy Ryzhyy winner of the Shykera's award

Lily's Mother

Zinaida Valeeva

Lilia Grazhulis лауреат премії ім. В. Писарєва

Stepan's father

Yurij Grigoriev


Oleh Petryk People`s Artist of Ukraine

Volodymyr Sudomliak


Serhij Astremsky

Andriy Bilous

Serhij Zamkovets

Mariula (gypsy)

Nataliya Didyk

Uljana Korchevska

Nataliya Pelo

Perko (gypsy)

Serhiy Kachura Honored artist of Ukraine

Andriy Mykhalikha


Serhij Astremsky

Borys Yakubus

Queen of Mermaids

Viktoriya Tkach

Julia Ryza

Yuliya Ushakova

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11 September 2017
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