23 April 18:00



Opera in 3 acts. Language: original language

(UA) Диригент-постановник:

(UA) народний артист України та Республіки Татарстан Ігор Лацанич

(UA) Диригент:

(UA) заслужений артист України Myron Yusypovyh

(UA) Режисер-постановник:

(UA) Анатолій Лимарєв

(UA) Художник-постановник:

People's Painter of Ukraine Mykhaylo Ryndzak

(UA) Художник костюмів:

Honored Painter of Ukraine Oksana Zinchenko

(UA) Хормейстер:

(UA) лауреат всеукраїнського конкурсу Vasyl Koval

(UA) Граф ді Луна:

(UA) лауреат міжнародних конкурсів Andriy Benyuk

People’s Artist of Ukraine Stepan Pyatnychko

(UA) лауреат міжнародного конкурсу Vitaliy Zahorbenskyy

(UA) Леонора:

Honored Artist of Ukraine Svitlana Mamchur

(UA) лауреат міжнародного конкурсу Tetyana Olenych

(UA) народна артистка України Lyudmyla Savchuk

(UA) Азучена:

(UA) лауреат міжнародного конкурсу Tetyana Vakhnovska

(UA) заслужена артистка України Nataliya Datsko

Nataliya Ozerska

(UA) дипломант міжнародного конкурсу Marfa Shumkova

(UA) Манріко:

(UA) лауреат міжнародного конкурсу Roman Koren

Andriy Savka

(UA) Інес:

(UA) дипломант міжнародного конкурсу Halyna Vilkha

(UA) лауреат міжнародного конкурсу Veronika Kolomishcheva

Svitlana Razina

(UA) Феррандо:

Roland Marchuk

Yuriy Trytsetskyy

(UA) лауреат міжнародного конкурсу Volodymyr Chibisov

(UA) Рюїц:

Vitaliy Voytko

Yuriy Hetsko

(UA) заслужений артист України Roman Kovalchuk

It’s night. The watchmen are guarding the castle of the Count di Luna. Fernando tells that when the Count and his brother were babies, an old gypsy woman came to the castle. Soon one of the babies seriously fell ill. Believing that this happened because of witchcraft, the old Count ordered to find the gypsy and burn her on fire.

Count di Luna loves Leonora, but she loves a troubadour, whom he does not know. Having met him accidentally, the shocked Count discovers that it is Manrico, the leader of people’s rebellion, he compels him to fight.

The gypsies’ camp. Azucenatells Manrico about the tragic death of her mother and her revenge. Tragedy of the poor Azucena, who burnt her own child instead of the count’s son, touches Manrico. Nervous Azucena, realizing that she has made a  slip of the tongue, assures him that he is her son. Manrico is sad that Leonora has believed the rumors of his death and left the convent.

Act 2

Di Luna is waiting for Leonora in the monastery courtyard with a group of his soldiers to force her to become his wife. Manrico’s appearance breaks this plan.

Camp of Di Luna’s troops at the walls of castle Castellor.

Old Azucena is brought in. Ferrando recognized her as the gypsy who stole di Luna’s brother. Enraged Count orders to throw Azucena to prison.

A chapel in the castle Castellor. The wedding ceremony is over. Happy Leonora and Manrico come out. At this time Manrico receives the news that Azucena is in the hands of Count di Luna. He hurries to rescue his mother.

Act 3

The battle with the army of Count di Luna ended in rebels’ defeat. Manrico and his friends were captured. Leonora promises count to become his wife if he lets her lover live.

Having received the order to pardon Manrico, Leonora drink poison, as she prefers to death to being the Count’s wife.

The prison. Manrico and Azucena are waiting for their execution. Leonora persuades Manrico to leave the prison immediately. Manrico calls her to go with him. And only after Leonora dies, Manrico realizes how great her love was. Deceived Count di Luna orders to execute Manrico. From dying Azucena he learns that he has executed his own brother.