Lviv National Academic theatre of opera and ballet after Solomiya Krushelnytska

The first stone at the base theater was founded in June 1897. Designed and reduced theater known European architect Zygmunt Gorgolewski - author of many monumental buildings in Poland and Germany.

Opened a theater for the audience October 4, 1900 This evening at the Theatre hosted the premiere showing " Interiors - lyric and dramatic opera" Janek " V.Zhelenskoho - the life of Carpathian . Leading Ukrainian party sang tenor Alexander Mishuga .

Lviv opera stage performances delighted the world-famous artists - Alexander Bandrowski , Helena Rushkovsky - Zboyinska , Jan Kepura , Ioannina Korolevich - Vaydova , Gemma Bellinchioni , Mattia Battistini , Ada Sari et al. Bright page in the history of the theater wrote singers - Ukrainian : A. Lubich , Parahonyak , A. Rusnak , E. Hushalevych , A. Nosalevych , A. Didur , A. Mishuga , M. Menzinsky , S. Crushelnytska et al. , Art which was national pride of the people and had received worldwide recognition .

With the annexation of Western Ukraine into the USSR Big City Theatre renamed the Lviv Opera and Ballet , subordinated to the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine.

After the Second World War in the history of theater inscribed the names of those whose work has contributed to the strengthening of Music and scenic focus on Western. In the postwar years by the conductor's stand Opera composers began Inhabitants Kolessa M. and A. Soltys . Artists - W. Woodrow Wilson , M. Stefanovic , P. Karmalyuk , V. Kobrzhytskyy , S. Goncharov , N. Slobodyan , A. Stalin , G. Isupov , A. Pospelov et al. significantly strengthened the creative composition theater.

To participate in some performances invited popular artists of the USSR I.Kozlovskyy , B. Hmyria, Z.Gaidai, Litvinenko- Volgemut, I.Patorzhynskyy . In the centennial (1956) the great Ukrainian writer Ivan Franko theater named after him . In the two thousand year during the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the theater, at the request of the creative intelegentsii Lviv Theatre of Presidential Decree Ukraine renamed the theater Krushelnytska .

Lviv Theatre of Opera and Ballet. Krushelnytska - complex creative organism in which more than 500 persons ' associations common goal , but divided into professional guilds and groups:

Symphony Orchestra - 90

Opera Soloists - 50

Chorus - 60

Ballet troupe - 60.

Opera and Ballet in 2000, was filled with outstanding creative events , performances by outstanding artists of our time to the centennial of the theater with which he welcomed the President of Ukraine Leonid Kuchma, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine JS Ivy , the Prime - Minister Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko. There were also congratulations from Pope John Paul II and the papal nuncio .

Addressed an anniversary greeting came from theaters U.S. , Poland, Israel , Germany, Austria , Japan and many other countries. October 20 in honor of the 100th anniversary of the theater held an anniversary of a report on the scene Natsionalenoyi Opera of Ukraine. Showing prime " , the EMU - the opera" Nabucco " Verdi and Gala - concert by the artists Lviv Theatre.

Great creative achievement Theatre is staging the opera " Moses" Skorikov .

The idea of ​​staging the opera " Moses" in Lviv scene occurred on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the theater . The authors plan - theater director Thaddeus Eder and Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the holidays Valery Kalyniuk - an opinion expressed Ukrainian artists - composer Skoryk and poet Bohdan Stelmakh . So the poem " Moses" brilliant Ukrainian writer and philosopher Ivan Franko inspired everyone to work.

Significantly was that the prime " minister of the opera took place on the day of the visit of the Holy Father John Paul II to Ukraine . This theme , the opera and theater that were chosen His Holiness Pope John Paul II not only received his blessing and financial support.

Opera " Moses" was widely covered press :

"Moses" viewers liked ...
In addition to theatrical productions , before the premiere of " Interiors was made audio and video recordings, filmed a TV movie about how opera created and produced a wonderful booklet ..."

"Express" was 26.06.2001

"... That the set design ! Thaddeus and Michael Ryndzak continuing found in " Nabucco " ascended to high imagery , their desert - a bumpy ride people ... "

" High Castle " was 25.06.2001

"... The poem , written by Ivan Franko 1905, became especially topical today, when the idea of ​​the poet - a Democrat of a better fate of his people and his sacrificial character of the leader is particularly timely ..."

"Governmental chicken" Prime " was 23.06.2001

"Moses" Skoryk democratic and melodic . "

"Young Galicia" 21.06.2001